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Personalized Support Services

Tailor your EMC customer service experience to meet your needs. With our advanced support offerings, you benefit from increased support for a particular product, coordinated service events, and streamlined problem resolution. Many of the support services listed below provide you with a single point of contact who is familiar with your environment and will help you reach your business objectives.

In the simplest terms, EMC Personalized Support Services are focused on keeping IT healthy. To learn more about how these services can optimize IT, you can read the analyst report from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

EMC Personalized Support Services include our service account manager for enterprisewide support, technical account manager for technology-specific support, and designated support engineer for product-specific support.

Read more detailed descriptions of our full suite of offerings below.

Offering Benefits
Service Account Manager Proactively manages service and support issues and accelerates problem management for the most complex EMC information environments.
–> Read the service overview or watch the video
Technical Account Manager Offers proactive technical expertise focused on the overall health of your EMC solution.
–> Read the service overview or watch the video
Designated Support Engineer Provides a product-focused troubleshooting expert who has in-depth knowledge of your EMC environment.
–> Read the service overview or watch the video
Customer Service Advocate Advocates for problem resolution, provides regular reporting, and generates awareness of technical alerts and advisories.
–> Read the service overview
Parts Retention Service Eliminates the mandatory return of eligible hardware components to EMC.
–> Read the service overview
Secure Select Support Addresses high-security requirements with remote technical support provided by U.S. citizens located on U.S. soil.
–> Read the service overview
Extended Support Service Continues essential break/fix and technical support for selected EMC products after standard warranty and maintenance coverage are no longer available.
–> Read the handout