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Innovative processes and technologies enable you to optimize your customer service experience based on your unique requirements. Through our agile services model, EMC strives to deliver the highest quality of service through your preferred channel, with the right delivery method.

Fast Access to Information and Expertise

Gain access to a suite of tools and content that enable you to quickly resolve technical questions and issues related to EMC products. EMC Online Support is fast, personal, and social — allowing you to take control of your EMC support experience.

Serviceability Built into Products

Leverage innovative tools and capabilities embedded within many EMC products to maintain the highest levels of availability and achieve your business objectives. For example, the EMC Unisphere operating environment is integrated in to EMC’s support ecosystem—with direct access to support tools such as technical documentation, downloads, ordering spare parts, opening service requests, and more.

High Availability with Proactive Services

Benefit from secure, high-speed, 24x7 remote monitoring and repair for your EMC information infrastructure. EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS) enables EMC Customer Service to proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they can impact your operations.

Global Collaboration Through Multiple Channels

Get fast, easy, secure mobile access to view and track your service requests via the EMC Support App; and connect and share technical knowledge with the global EMC network through the EMC Support Community and social media.


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