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Customer Service Options

Access the industry's leading, award-winning customer service experience. Backed by the trusted expertise of our global network of technical support professionals, we use proven processes and innovative service tools to help you achieve business objectives. EMC offers you three clear choices—Basic, Enhanced, and Premium—to meet a range of application and business requirements. Select the right option for your applications and information infrastructure, to complement the needs and skills of your organization.


Mission critical support for fastest resolution, including 24x7 customer service and monitoring, priority onsite response for critical issues, installation of operating environment updates, and installation of all replacement parts.

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24x7 service for production environments, including around-the-clock customer service, next business day onsite response, proactive remote monitoring and resolution, and installation of noncustomer replaceable units.

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Business hours service essentials, including customer service, delivery of replacement parts, rights to new software releases, and 24x7 access to online support resources.

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* Non-CRU (customer replaceable units) only

** Severity 1 issues (sev 2 = same day, sev 3/4 = Next Business Day)

*** See EMC’s Product Warranty, Maintenance, & Service Descriptions page for detailed response objectives and severity level definitions