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Recruiting & University Relations

EMC is always on the lookout for the biggest thinkers and most innovative minds in our communities and on campuses around the world. Because they are sources of talent and innovation, we collaborate with academic institutions to identify prospective employees and to partner in advanced research. EMC University Relations is our centralized resource for identifying, building, and managing strategic partnerships between universities and our global business groups. Our goal is to nurture strong relationships with students so they consider EMC as an innovative thought-leader in technology and sustainability as well as a potential employer and partner upon graduation.

Collaborating to Support the Business Strategy

University Relations works closely with the Academic Alliance, Innovation Network, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Centers of Excellence, Office of Global Workforce Inclusion, Office of Sustainability, and Community Involvement. This internal collaboration informs the selection of EMC’s key schools, where we have developed recruiting, research, and faculty relationships.

Recruiting for Diversity

EMC strives to attract talented people who reflect the diversity of our global communities. In 2014, we continued to partner with five Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to offer students programming and mentoring opportunities and to build relationships with faculty, students, and administration by partnering with student organizations and Industrial Advisory Boards. We hired 21 interns from the HBCUs into our summer internship program, and nine HBCU interns out of the ten rising seniors eligible for hiring were converted to full time employees.

In 2014, EMC continued to partner with the University of Puerto Rico/Mayaguez (UPRM) and Florida International University. Our partnership with UPRM has resulted in several full-time hires, sponsorship of their local college bowl competition, and opportunities for technical talks, information sessions, and student contests and projects, all resulting in very strong EMC brand awareness. In 2014, EMC hosted the annual meeting for an organization called Advancing Minority Interest in Engineering (AMIE), which partners technology companies with engineering deans from HBCUs.

Recruiting Military Veterans

In 2014, EMC won four national awards acknowledging EMC as a military friendly employer. We also received national certification for our Veteran’s Employee Circle, which has established new chapters in Massachusetts and Utah. We continued to partner with the organization HirePurpose to reach veterans and transitioning military personnel at targeted military bases and through social media (

We continued our involvement as a founder of the 100,000 Jobs Mission, a recruiting initiative with a goal to hire 100,000 transitioning service members and military veterans by 2020. The coalition, which now includes 180 companies, has hired more than 190,000 veterans to date. In 2014, through the coalition, EMC partnered with another company to create the Veteran’s Exchange System  which enables coalition members to share military resumes with each other.

These initiatives are based on EMC’s desire to bring veterans’ specific skillsets and deep knowledge of IT to our company – especially as a high percentage of military professionals are expected to re-enter civilian life during the next few years. In one year our outreach efforts have contributed to a 167 percent increase in military hires. 

Supporting Education Outreach Efforts

In 2014, EMC formed a new partnership with NAFTrack, which provides special consideration to students who have earned a National Academy Foundation (NAF) credential in high school.  The NAF is a consortium of 11 companies that work to provide opportunities for under-served high school students to experience industry-specific courses, work-based learning, and networking occasions with business professionals.

In addition, EMC continued to partner with Bottom Line, a non-profit dedicated to helping disadvantaged students get admitted to college, earn a degree, and succeed in life. Bottom Line provides low-income and first-generation students with one-on-one guidance through the application process and during college. EMC provides mentoring, career counseling, information sessions, and resume writing workshops to the students, and also tracks where they go to college. After two years of working with the organization, we have hired three Bottom Line students into full-time positions at EMC.

As one of the founding partners, EMC has had the opportunity to partner with Bunker Hill Community College’s Learn and Earn program from its inception in 2012. We provide internships to Bunker Hill students in the areas of IT, Marketing, Community Involvement and University Relations/Talent Acquisition. Since this partnership began, the quality of talent that has come through this program has been exceptional, and the students’ professionalism, work ethic, and desire to learn have been outstanding. EMC has hired 16 interns into different roles across the company over the past two years from this program.

Expanded Recruiting in Europe

In 2014, EMC’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region ranked 45th among the Top 100 companies and third in the IT Services and IT Consulting Sector by We had a 38 percent increase in student applications from 2013, and four of our Associate and Leadership Development Programs have expanded their hiring into EMEA in 2014. The EMC EMEA Talent Acquisition team has built strong relationships with organizations for young women and saw a significant increase of female hires over the past two years.