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Global Inclusion

At EMC, we view diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. We strive to cultivate an inclusive culture that is reflective of the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures of the communities in which we live and conduct business. This not only leads to more creative ideas and fuels our innovative spirit, but also helps develop, retain, and energize the talent that drives our company forward. Our efforts are focused around three strategic pillars: Talent Optimization, being a Global Employer of Choice, and Business Excellence.

The alignment between diversity and inclusion and corporate strategy is helping us redefine our approach. Diversity and inclusion touches every part of our business and comes to life through a variety of initiatives. This includes its role in innovation, leadership and career development, and external engagement with the communities we serve through internal and external initiatives that make our company stronger.

By diversity, we refer to recognizing and appreciating human differences such as ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

By inclusion, we refer to valuing, respecting, and supporting differences, as well as creating a workplace environment where differences are embraced and each person can achieve his or her full potential.

Stakeholder Inquiries

In 2013, we experienced a significant increase in the number of customers that requested information from EMC on our diversity and inclusion journey and its impact on the company’s success. Customers want to see themselves reflected in EMC’s business. We speak with these customers about the evolution of our programs, the issues we are addressing, and our efforts to be inclusive. Our program strategy sets the bar for driving an exemplary diversity and inclusion journey and is emulated by customers and partners as they establish and grow their own strategies.

Core Beliefs

In 2013, we articulated our core set of beliefs to represent the focus areas of our diversity and inclusion strategy. We intend to use these beliefs in 2014 to further dialogue with employees, customers, and stakeholders.

We believe: being inclusive throughout EMC
...that diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our business strategy reflecting our diverse marketplace of global customers
...that innovation is connected to creativity and diversity
...that we make better decisions by hearing multiple perspectives always developing our talent and helping everyone realize their full potential
...that engaging in our communities builds our strength as a company developing the next generation of experts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Implicit Bias

In 2013, EMC managers were required to participate in implicit bias training. Implicit bias is defined as the process by which the brain uses “mental associations” that are so well-established as to operate without awareness, or without intention, or without control.  All people have implicit biases, but at EMC, we believe it is important to recognize this trait and its impact on the workplace, especially for managers and supervisors.  Given the demographics of our rapidly changing world, the more conscious we are of implicit bias, the more effective we will be in fulfilling our organizational mission, and doing it fairly and equitably.  

EMC’s approach to minimizing this factor in our workplace is based on a three-fold value proposition:

  • Deliver an implicit bias program that will raise consciousness enterprise wide among all managers
  • Provide training to managers that will help them have a positive impact in the workplace
  • Provide measurement that allows us to establish baselines prior to training and progress over time, which is based on a combination of tools that measure attitudes towards difference

The training also provides an integrated learning product that offers participants tools and activities to reference after training is complete. In 2014, we look to further expand the implicit bias training program by requiring it for all EMC employees.

To learn more about EMC’s diversity initiatives, visit our 2014 Inclusion Annual Report.

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