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Global Expansion

As a multinational company competing in a global market, EMC is continuously expanding the geographic scope of our customer base and developing centers for research and development and services to access world-class talent around the globe. EMC serves customers in more than 100 countries. The expansion of our employee base internationally allows us to be in close proximity to customers in rapidly-growing emerging markets. These centers are an essential element of our journey to find the best talent in the world that delivers an enriching diversity of perspectives on the global challenges of our customers.

Centers of Excellence

EMC Centers of Excellence (COE) are key pillars of our strategy for cultivating talent and expanding our presence in key markets world-wide. We operate COEs in seven countries: China, Egypt, India, Ireland, Israel, Russia, and the U.S. In addition to supporting in-country market growth, our COE network model is a globally consistent platform that attracts and develops top talent to drive ground-breaking operational and financial value through superior performance, best practice sharing, and creative innovation.

COEs coordinate initiatives with local university programs, government representatives, and community partners for maximum impact. In addition, each of our COE teams plays an important role in contributing to EMC’s vision for sustainability. In 2014, the China, Egypt, India, Ireland, Israel, and Russia COEs published internal reports describing their sustainability achievements and initiatives. Each COE delivers online publications and uses social media to report on its sustainability achievements and initiatives to employees and external stakeholders.

The COEs bring local expertise and skills to advance our global business strategy. In conjunction with EMC business units, the COEs are responsible for the development of many products across EMC’s broad software and hardware offerings, and for providing global services support to EMC customers worldwide. Additionally, the COEs provide back office processing activities for internal operations.

The COEs have been designed to provide EMC business units with world-class talent, infrastructure, and management to deliver to the needs of EMC’s customers. EMC business units are, in essence, internal customers of the COEs. Each COE is managed locally, and a cross-functional leadership team consisting of EMC’s senior executives oversees strategy and investment decisions. Nearly 100 percent of senior management at the COEs is hired from the local community.

One unique advantage of our COE model is that employees from different business units have more opportunities for collaborative innovation. Each year, the COEs contribute a high percentage of submissions to EMC’s annual worldwide Innovation Roadmap, and they play a part in hosting the global event.

Our COEs are highly collaborative and work closely with University Relations, the Academic Alliance, Corporate Training, and the Innovation Network on local recruiting strategies. Although many technology companies are seeking to hire top talent in our COE locations, we have kept attrition rates below the market average by focusing efforts on employee retention, including benefits, work environment, career development, and compensation. In addition, sustainability teams at our COEs met three times in 2014 to share best practices and improve their programs.

Expansion of the EMC COE network is based on business unit demand for talent. Current COEs will continue to grow as necessary, and we will continue to explore new locations that could best serve the needs of the business. In 2014, EMC opened the Brazil Research and Development Center (BRDC) to strengthen its applied research and development capabilities within the Latin American and global marketplaces. The BRDC houses EMC research staff whose main activity is to conduct applied research related to Big Data challenges encountered within the Oil & Gas industry. It is located in the heart of the Rio Technology Park on the campus of the Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro.  The facility houses an applied research center, solutions development laboratories, and an Executive Briefing Center which is designed to showcase and disseminate EMC technology.

Managing Change

EMC continues to navigate the rapidly changing IT industry, drawing on all of our knowledge and expertise.

Retaining top talent is more important than ever, not only to help manage change, but also to preserve innovation. When other companies join us through mergers or acquisitions, we devote extra attention to the way people are welcomed into the EMC family. Acquisitions are a chance for us to evolve the overall EMC culture with the benefit of new thinking and ideas.

When we restructure areas of our business to focus on emerging technologies, we place a priority on making transitions as smooth as possible for employees, in order to retain top talent and preserve future relationships. When business reasons cause employees to be displaced, we make these decisions only after thoughtful consideration and with an understanding of how our actions can affect lives and careers. If we are unable to redeploy impacted employees to growth areas within EMC, we provide global job search assistance in addition to providing separation pay and benefits. Throughout this transitional time, we treat our colleagues with dignity, compassion, fairness, and respect. In addition, in order to mitigate the impact of restructures on employees, we have occasionally offered voluntary separation programs for long service employees wanting to change career direction or pursue other interests.