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Employee Engagement

Understanding the voice of our employees is a top priority at EMC. Our global MyVoice survey provides quantitative and qualitative data to help our leaders around the globe drive engagement with their local teams.

As a large global company with a multi-generational workforce, we recognize that being engaged at work means different things to different people. We strive to be a Great Place to Work for every EMC employee. We provide an environment and workplace that encourages every EMCer to be their best each day. And more than 4 of 5 EMC employees around the world (83%) believe that all things considered, EMC is a Great Place to Work.

Our MyVoice engagement survey also provides us with the platform we need to drive change and evolution of our culture across the organization. For 2014, we are focusing on three core themes that we believe will lead to an even more engaged workforce who are better contributors to the world in which we live.


We are committed to building a community of EMCers, inclusive of all levels and roles within the company. Our senior leaders are recommitted to building connections across EMC, to be transparent, to drive collaboration, and to create a high level of collaboration.


We have launched our first global employee communications campaign, designed to include every EMC employee. The campaign, called YOU DEFINE EMC, is a rallying cry for every employee to connect to our business strategy and to share with others how they define their work at EMC. The campaign features prominent use of mobile media. We are openly asking our workforce, “Are you in?” The campaign highlights the individual and collective energy of today’s EMC, and will unite us in a whole new way.


There is a buzz around EMC this year about employees giving to the causes they believe in and the communities where they work and live. We have instituted three full days for employees to use at their discretion to apply their time and their talent to the cause of their choice. We have enhanced our service anniversary program to become annual celebrations of employee service through gifts to non-profit organizations. And we have launched our first global giving program tied to providing clean drinking water in Africa. EMCers are really making a difference!

Great Place to Work Survey Results
In November 2013, EMC launched My Voice, a mechanism to engage employees and gather feedback from them that included the “Great Place to Work” (GPTW) Survey. Based on the premise that great workplaces operate from a foundation of trust, the survey collects data across the five pillars of respect, credibility, fairness, pride and camaraderie. This is our primary way of understanding what employees think about EMC. In 2013, we did more than we’ve ever done on measuring employee engagement and listening to our workforce. This resulted in a lot of new initiatives from implementing a global profit sharing program to providing a better cup of coffee.

The survey is built on a strong methodology that allows us to compare EMC to the top 25 multinational corporations. We will be engaging employees in taking this survey on an annual basis to ensure we maintain an accurate pulse on the culture and satisfaction of our employees.

Key Findings from the 2013 Survey

We’re All in This Together
We found that EMC employees have a high level of trust with senior leaders at the company, specifically that their leadership contributes to company success and that they know how to execute our business plans. Meanwhile, a point of caution was detected when the survey found that employees tend to find the company somewhat exclusive. In response, we launched our internal employee engagement theme, “We’re All in This Together,” in order to introduce new initiatives that break down barriers and encourage employees to work more closely together. For example, in 2013 we removed all company parking spots designated for those at the company with certain senior titles.

Have More Fun
Due to survey findings, EMC decided to do more to celebrate, compensate, and recognize employees’ hard work. We introduced several new initiatives focused on encouraging managers to celebrate success more often. We learned from areas of the company that do this well and increased the fun factor through a combination of company-sponsored events and employee-generated suggestions.

Employees See EMC as a Sustainable Company
We found that 82 percent of employees believe “EMC demonstrates a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.” This was in comparison to 80 percent of employees who agreed with this statement in 2012.

Engaging Employees in Sustainability Initiatives at EMC
We feel strongly that employee engagement is the key factor in driving sustainability at EMC. Engaged employees are much more involved in their work, are more likely to innovate to make EMC a better environmental steward and contributor to society, and are more satisfied, productive, and loyal. By engaging employees, we are able to advance our sustainability practices and establish sustainable practices as the company’s norm.

The Office of Sustainability (OOS) is primarily responsible for focusing on global activities related to Sustainability Employee Engagement. The OOS works closely with Human Resources (HR) when developing programs and planning the expansion of sustainability activities within the employee community. The OOS also provides guidance and encourages collaboration between teams that execute regionally. For example, we sponsor a Centers of Excellence Sustainability Summit quarterly to facilitate the sharing of sustainability best practices and collaboration among our global Centers of Excellence.

We engage employees about sustainability throughout the year in several ways, the most noteworthy of which are our Innovation Conference’s Environmental Sustainability Challenge, the Sustainability Leadership Council, and the re-launch of our quarterly employee sustainability awareness survey.

  • EMC’s annual Innovation Conference encourages and recognizes the power of employee innovation to shape the future. Since launching the program in 2009, we have identified and implemented employee ideas focused on data center energy consumption, monitoring enterprise information technology’s (IT’s) carbon footprint, and sustainable packaging practices. To learn more, visit Culture of Innovation.
  • 2013 marked the second year of the Nelson Award for Initiative in Sustainability. The Nelson Award recognizes not only innovative thinking, but also the initiative taken to follow-through in bringing the teams’ ideas to life at EMC. The methods that the winners have shown included enlisting subject matter experts inside EMC and beyond to further the development of an idea, analyzing the feasibility and potential impact of an idea, building the business case, piloting it, and finally seeing it through implementation. In 2013, five teams were recipients of the award.
  • EMC facilities across the world host annual family days and activities to celebrate and educate employees about environmental stewardship on Earth Day or World Environment Day. In 2013, we coordinated our efforts between the corporate headquarters and locations in Franklin, Massachusetts; Apex, North Carolina; and Cork, Ireland – making the day even more impactful and memorable for employees.
  • Aided by commitments from partners throughout the company, EMC’s OOS also applies a unified environmental strategy across our business and day-to-day operations. The cross-functional Sustainability Leadership Council, formerly the Green Business Leadership team, operates with more than 20 participating business units and functions, collaborates to share ideas and practices, aligns programs and goals, and drives sustainability throughout our operations.
  • In 2014, EMC will launch a revised quarterly Environmental Sustainability Awareness Survey to better understand employee awareness. The survey will be given to 500 randomly selected employees from our global workforce and will give us insight into issues that are most important to employees, as well as their understanding of our sustainability programs. Survey questions will ask about:
    • Awareness of what EMC is doing to protect the environment
    • Awareness of how EMC is helping our customers reduce their environmental impact
    • Whether employees feel good about EMC as an environmental steward
    • Whether employees look for ways to reduce EMC’s environmental impact when doing their jobs

Beyond the engagement techniques mentioned above, we rolled out a companywide platform called “Sustineo,” which encourages dialog and helps employees be more sustainable in their daily lives. The tool is a social, gamified platform that allows employees to learn about sustainable behaviors, perform sustainable actions, get points for those actions, and compete in groups with other teams. We piloted the software with our Seattle, Cairo, and Israel offices, and rolled it out company-wide in the fall of 2013.

Moving forward, we are planning to re-launch our popular EcoKids drawing contest, which engages the families of EMC employees in thinking about the future of the environment. The first contest provided artwork for EMC’s 2010 sustainability report. We are also continuing engagement around Earth Hour, Earth Day, and World Environment Day.

Community Involvement
EMC and our employees play an active role in the communities in which we operate around the world. By supporting education, health, human services, arts programs, and disaster relief efforts, we are strengthening society and helping shape the future of our local communities. At the same time, EMC’s efforts are helping employees expand their skills and build on their understanding of the importance of our communities to EMC’s business.

Through our Academic Alliance program and Education Partnerships, EMC offers employees opportunities to extend their knowledge and passion for STEM education and the IT industry to students of all ages in a variety of settings.

To learn more, visit Community Involvement.

Awards and Recognition
We foster our culture by rewarding and recognizing employees for their hard work. This includes rewarding innovative ideas through our annual Innovation Roadmap competition, driving the importance of customer service with our annual Total Customer Experience Excellence Awards, and celebrating employees who give back to communities outside of causes we support at the corporate level with our annual Community Service Awards.

To learn more about these programs, visit Culture of Innovation, Customers, and Communities, respectively.

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