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Energy Use & Climate Change


EMC encourages alternative travel, commuting, and communications methods including e-conferencing, virtual meetings, remote work assignment programs, and shuttle services. We encourage employees to reduce their environmental impact and achieve savings for our business at the same time. In addition, we continue to add efficiencies to our corporate fleet.


We provide a number of technology options for employees to collaborate more effectively and more often without having to travel. Our options for e-conferencing include TelePresence, video conferencing, web conferencing, and audio conferencing. We have 50 Cisco TelePresence facilities around the globe including the six facilities we added in 2012. In 2012, we installed several new HD Video Conferencing systems and saw increased usage of desktop video conferencing with over 4,000 users with Cisco TelePresence Video (Movi) accounts.


We continually examine our fleet and potential replacement aircraft to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Since 2010, we have reduced our total emissions from our fleet aircraft from 2,198 metric tons to 1,848 metric tons, primarily due to reductions in flight hours. We have been participating in the EU-Aviation Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS or AVETS) since its inception in 2010. The EU-ETS or AVETS went live in 2012 and we reported our 2012 CO2e emissions in early 2013.


More and more of our employees are working remotely and with other flexible work arrangements. Our WorkWise program, for example, empowers eligible employees in either a partial or full commitment to work remotely. The environmental benefits include reduced emissions from and time lost to commuting and facility consolidation, which allows more efficient use of space and energy.

In 2012, we expanded our efforts by launching a work from home pilot program at the Cork COE. The e-work program offered 40 customer support employees the opportunity to work up to three days at home per workweek, depending on team needs. The pilot was a success and will be offered to more employees in 2013.


Our facilities in the U.S. and in Cork, Ireland, offer carpool matching programs for employees. The Ireland COE also continues to expand the Cycle to Work program and launched an electric car competition in 2012. In addition, one of our facilities in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, was recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Commuters by the U.S. EPA for the second year in a row.

Commuting programs and projects available at the Hopkinton location include:

  • Bike racks and showers for employees who bike to work
  • Incentives to encourage employees to use public transportation, including direct service to our locations from some local train stations and a commuter pretax savings plan
  • Shuttle services between buildings at our central Massachusetts facilities to limit employees’ use of their own vehicles; shuttle fleets include hybrid vehicles

Ireland’s Cycle to Work Program

The Cycle to Work program was an initiative launched by the Irish Government in 2009 and was first offered to our Ireland COE in 2010. The program offers several benefits, including:

  • Personal health and fitness: Employees can burn approximately 4,000 calories per week by cycling to/from work
  • Reduced environmental impact: Cycling is a zero emission form of transportation
  • Financial savings: Employees can save up to 52 percent off the retail cost of a bicycle through the program, which also covers bicycle accessories up to €1,000 per employee
  • In 2012, an additional 97 Ireland COE employees purchased bikes through the Cycle to Work program.


In 2012, the India COE launched iPOOL, a web-based carpooling tool that helps employees connect with fellow car poolers within the company. To encourage participation, EMC allocated car pool parking spaces that are closer to the building than most spaces. The India COE’s other program, which offers bus service for approximately 20 percent of the workforce, further reduces dependence on individual vehicles.

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