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Technological skills are critical to continued innovation and can have profound effects on our business, communities, and even the sustainability of our planet. Our future competitiveness as an IT company depends on a pipeline of employees skilled in the STEM fields. The future well-being of society hinges on the availability of an educated workforce, paying long-term economic, human health, and environmental dividends. And access to education is increasingly enabled through the implementation of information technologies such as cloud computing. For all of these reasons, STEM education was determined to be one of EMC’s top material factors.

In 2013, we supported primary and secondary education programs in 37 countries—up from 29 in 2011—and introduced nine new programs. We plan to continue expanding the reach of these programs and partnerships in 2014.

See the additional information below to learn more about the impact of some of our education partnerships in 2013.


Robotics Engineering Programs Raise Student Interest in STEM Subjects

For the past five years, EMC has collaborated with the Robotics Education and Competition (REC) Foundation to raise interest in STEM subjects by engaging students in hands-on, curriculum-based robotics engineering programs. Around the world, our support and partnership has helped the VEX Robotics program reach more than 100,000 youth. In 2013, EMC expanded its support in order to reach more students, providing additional kits to schools in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) region of North Carolina, as well as by providing starter VEX robotics kits to selected schools in Washington, Utah, and Massachusetts. In 2014, employees in EMC’s Utah COE will start working directly with students on the VEX platform.

Encouraging Young and Scientific Minds through Science and Innovation Fair

At the 2013 Fair for Science and Innovation in Bogotá, Colombia, EMC reached more than 100 children from 26 different areas of the country. The fair, one of several we support worldwide, provided an opportunity for students and their teachers to showcase scientific work while interacting and sharing meaningful learning experiences. EMC Columbia partnered at the event with the Foundation for Education in Science, Mathematics and Technology of Children and Youth, an organization that strives to promote the development of critical thinking in students by creating awareness about the importance of science and technology. EMC looks forward to expanding our existing global partnerships with more science fairs in 2014.

Asia Pacific & Japan

Girls in China Gain Training and Opportunities in STEM Education

In 2013, EMC continued its efforts to increase learning and career opportunities for women interested in the IT field. Our China COE extended training in STEM education to three additional locations from just one in 2012. We reached a total of 440 female students through the Girls in Technology Program, nearly 50% more than in 2012. Female executives from EMC spoke with the participants about careers in STEM fields, and EMC worked with Chinese universities to host IT-focused career fairs.

Teaching Japanese Children about the Global Economy

“Children learn by doing” is the premise behind the Career Education Program for Youth sponsored by EMC Japan and the Will Seed Company, a Tokyo-based group focused on community building through career education and development. As part of the program, EMC volunteers helped facilitate a one-day event in Tokyo involving more than 130 fifth-graders. The program was designed to help students cultivate important skills needed in business settings while also exposing them to practical hands-on business experiences. Students learned how the global economy works through a game called Iki-Iki, which teaches a range of vital skills including communication, leadership, and teamwork. By the end of the day, participating students had a clearer vision of what it means to be a businessperson operating in a global marketplace.

Europe, Middle East & Africa

EMC Employees Teach the Next Generation of Computer Programmers in Ireland

Started in 2013, the Coder Dojo program has become very popular at EMC’s Cork COE in Ireland. The weekly afterschool program focuses on teaching computer programming to children between eight and 14 years old. Under the supervision of an EMC employee tutor, the children work in pairs to build applications, games, and websites. The pilot program is currently open to children of EMC employees, but based on its popularity, we hope to expand the program to the local community in 2014.

Russia COE Launches Student STAR Program

EMC’s Student STAR program, which has been run for the past 12 years in Massachusetts, was expanded in 2013 to reach our COE in Russia, as well as our COE in China and our Isilon office in Seattle. The Russian program kicked-off with seminars prepared by local EMC employees and was presented to 30 students in the five strongest math schools of St. Petersburg and Yaroslvl. A four-day intensive workshop, the program is aimed at equipping 10th grade students with the tools needed to excel in both their academic and professional journeys. It is designed to bridge the gap between higher education and professional development by focusing on four themes central to every student’s success: Communication, Teamwork, Life Skills, and Introduction to Business.

Promoting Digital Literacy and Access in Rural Africa

In 2013, EMC provided funding for a technology center in Zambia through an ongoing partnership with Camara, an organization working to improve education in disadvantaged communities by helping to close the digital divide. Companies are able to donate end-of-use computers to Camara, which refurbishes them and provides them to underserved communities. Once computers have reached end- of-life at the schools, Camara takes them back and recycles them responsibly. EMC employees in the U.K., South Africa, Ireland, and the Netherlands have all donated equipment to Camara, and that equipment is now in use in several African countries. In addition, the technology center is Zambia is reaching approximately 2,100 students.

In Kenya, children and adults are receiving Information Communications Technology (ICT) training through EMC’s support of the ZOO Memorial Foundation. In 2013, EMC and ZOO completed a project to convert an ICT center into a mobile model, which has expanded access to the Foundation’s services to people in remote regions of the country without brick-and-mortar training centers. EMC’s contributions helped bring ICT training to 2,350 community members.

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