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Education Partnerships

EMC recognizes that our future—as a company and a society—hinges on the availability of an educated workforce. As an IT company, our future competitiveness depends on a pipeline of employees skilled in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Today’s technology skills gap threatens innovation, and can have profound effects on our business, communities, and even the sustainability of our planet. We support programs that expand access to education and encourage students, particularly from underrepresented groups, to pursue science and math programs.

In 2012, we supported education programs in 36 countries—up from 29 in 2011—and introduced nine new programs. We hope to continue expanding the reach of these programs and partnerships in 2013.

Read the following to learn about the impact of some of our education partnerships in 2012.


Partnering with Radio Disney to Bring Data Science to the Classroom

In 2012, we launched a unique partnership with Radio Disney to bring STEM education to middle school classrooms in Massachusetts. The partnership resulted from a challenge posed to the EMC Innovation Network for new ways to bring data science curriculum into classrooms. Leveraging our longstanding partnership with Citizen Schools, we hosted educational events at three schools in the Boston area. The events centered on an interactive learning laboratory that included a mock game show and other activities to cultivate students’ interest in STEM topics. In 2012, we reached 300 students through the Radio Disney partnership. In 2013, we plan to expand the program to schools in North Carolina and California.

Partnering with Citizen Schools

Since 2009, EMC has partnered with Citizen Schools to support education, apprenticeships and networking events for lower-income middle school students. We support Citizen Schools programs in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and California through financial donations and employee volunteer time. To date, employees have volunteered to teach 18 apprenticeships, and in 2012, we reached 2,488 students in California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina through Citizen Schools’ programs.

Supporting STEM Education in Peru

In 2012, we partnered with Coprodeli, an organization that supports economic development and education initiatives in marginalized communities in Peru. Local schools have science labs, but lack the necessary equipment and materials to effectively teach science lessons. EMC donated numerous chemistry and biology lab materials such as beakers and anatomy models for Coprodeli to provide to local schools. In 2013, we plan to expand this partnership by creating opportunities for employees to volunteer in the schools.


Adopting Schools in India

Since 2011, EMC’s Center of Excellence (COE) in India has partnered with Youth for Seva (YSF), a nonprofit organization focused on youth development, to identify and provide academic support to government schools in Bangalore. Government schools provide subsidized education to underserved populations, but limited funding often results in a lack of qualified teachers and inadequate infrastructure.

In 2012, we adopted the Sarakari Padavi Poorva College in Hoodi, Bangalore, building on our partnership with the Sarkari Samyukta Praudha Shaale school in Garudacharpalya, Bangalore in 2011. There, we provided equipment for the computer lab, hosted training, and made essential infrastructure improvements such as building girls’ restrooms—since facilities had been boys-only. Employees also visit the school to mentor students and assist teachers with lessons in the classroom.

Initial results of the partnership have been successful with an average of 60 percent of students receiving passing marks in 2012, up from 37 percent in 2011. To date, EMC has reached more than 450 students through the program.

Engaging Girls in Technology

In 2012, EMC China launched the Girls in Technology Program, hosted at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The program provides an introduction to careers in technology and aims to increase engagement of female university students studying science and engineering in the technology sector—a direction that, as of last year, more than 80 percent had not considered.

We launched the program by hosting the Professionals Career Talk led by university career counselors and EMC executives. More than 300 students participated in-person or online and received a career development manual created by EMC, which provides tools, resources, and insights to prepare female students for careers in STEM areas. More than 95 percent of attendees report that they benefitted from the forum and left with a greater understanding of career opportunities in the technology sector. EMC plans to continue and expand the Girls in Technology Program to China COE in 2013.


Inspiring Future Leaders with VEX Robotics

In 2012, EMC’s COE in Cork, Ireland, sponsored the country’s first VEX Robotics Competition, which offers students an enticing way to learn about career opportunities in STEM. Together with the Cork Institute of Technology, EMC donated robot kits to 10 teams of students across eight low-income schools in Cork. Twenty-one EMC employees mentored the 125 students as they learned to build robots, while others volunteered as judges during the final competition at Ireland’s Discovery Science Festival. The event reached more than 5,000 students and adults, and winners qualified to participate in the VEX Robotics World Championships in California in April 2013.

Around the world, our support and partnership helped VEX Robotics reach more than 100,000 youth in 2012. We hope to build on our success in Cork by expanding the program throughout Ireland in 2013.

“EMC partners with VEX Robotics to support the promotion of STEM subjects in schools. It is critical that we maintain a pipeline of engineering talent in the industry and it’s important to reach them early. What better way to capture the imagination of a teenager than with robots”?
- Martin O’Flaherty, EMC Program Manager

Advancing STEM Education While Giving a Second Life to EMC Equipment

In 2012, EMC’s COE in Cork, Ireland, expanded our partnership with Camara, an organization working to advance digital literacy and help close the digital divide. Through the program, EMC donates old computers to Camara, which refurbishes and sends them to education centers in Africa, the Caribbean, and Ireland. Once the computers reach the end of their useful life, EMC takes them back to be disassembled and recycled.

In 2012, we provided funding to advance Camara’s work in Zambia. These funds supported the development of four eLearning centers, each equipped with 25 computers, to bring digital literacy opportunities to 28 teachers and 2,100 children. EMC offices in Austria, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom provided nearly 200 computers to eLearning centers in Ethiopia, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. We hope to expand to new locations in the future.

In Egypt, EMC donated equipment and provided pro bono consulting to create a computer lab for the Alashenek Ya Balady (Association for Sustainable Development).  

Closing the Digital Divide in Rural Kenya

EMC continues to advance computer literacy around the world through our support of the ZOO Memorial Foundation, which provides Information Communications Technology (ICT) training to children and adults in rural Kenya. In 2012, EMC supported efforts to convert an ICT center into a mobile model, which will expand access of the Foundation’s services to people in remote regions of the country who do not have access to the brick-and-mortar training centers. EMC’s contributions helped bring ICT training to 2,350 community members.

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