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Community Involvement

EMC and our employees play an active role in the communities in which we operate around the world. By supporting health, human services, arts programs, and disaster relief efforts for example, we are strengthening society and helping shape the future of our local communities. At the same time, EMC’s efforts are helping employees expand their skills and build on their understanding of the importance of our communities to EMC’s business.  In 2014, EMC reached more than 3,000,000 beneficiaries and logged almost 600,000 volunteer hours.

We have also revised upward our goal for the number of beneficiaries reached by 2020, cumulatively starting in 2014, from 20 million to 25 million to reflect the level of engagement resulting from our newly introduced EMC Gives Back program. We have similarly increased our goal for volunteer hours contributed by employees over the same time from 1,920,000 hours to 3,000,000 hours.

Community Partnerships

EMC’s primary corporate giving and volunteer efforts are focused on supporting programs that provide access to education for people around the globe. We also recognize our responsibility to invest in other ways in the communities in which we live and work.

We encourage employees to organize volunteer activities. From volunteering at food banks across the U.S. to teaching young students about the importance of education in Colombia and Ireland, EMC employees participated in a wide range of service projects throughout 2014. Our dedicated Community Involvement team provides guidance and resources to support these efforts, including promoting activities internally, matching volunteers and initiatives based on skills, and recognizing employees through the Community Service Awards.

Some of EMC’s major community partners around the world

ACEV (Mother-Child Education Foundation)
Acorn Foundation
Alutare i Bambini
Big Bang UK
Breakthrough Silicon Valley
BT Young Scientist
Camp Harborview Foundation
charity: water
Citizen Schools
Colciencias & FENCTY
Divesra/Rodrigo Mendez Institute
Euler Fund for Mathematics
Fe y Alegría (Colombia & Venezuela)
Fundación Leer
Fundación Madrid Sindrome de Down
Girls Who Code
Hadasa Neurim
Haogen Hakehilati
Hope School India
Hope Worldwide (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand)
IISME (Industry Initiatives for Science & Mathematics)
Inner-City Scholarship Fund
Junior Trampoline Educational Center
KJ Choi Foundation
Massachusetts State Science Fair
North Carolina State Math Competition
Pacific Science Center
PADF (Pan American Development Foundation)
PARI (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute)
PAUTA (Programa Adopte un Talento)
PAVEL Association
RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers)
Robotics Education Competition Foundation (RECF)
Science and Technology in Action (STiA)
Science Buddies
Second Harvest
Tech Challenge
United Way Australia/New Zealand
Youth for Seva
ZOO Memorial Foundation

Global Impact Corps

The Global Impact Corps is a skill-based volunteer program that was designed to enable EMC employees to leverage their professional skills and expertise to build capacity in NGOs around the world.  This program was developed through a partnership between Corporate Community Involvement and the Global Talent Organization, under advisement from the Taproot Foundation, and is intended to both provide professional development opportunities to nominated EMC employees and a service to NGOs globally.

Program development began in 2014 with the creation of the Advisors and Council groups, the selection of NGO partners for the pilot program and EMC participants, and the planning and mapping of logistics.   

For this pilot, we reached out to nine NGOs who currently partner with EMC, have a focus on educational programming, and together cover multiple EMC geographic locations. Each NGO submitted an overview of its organization and program(s), and proposed a challenge it was facing that EMC participants could tackle.  Once all NGOs were vetted, EMC participants were chosen based on how well their abilities intersected with the challenge and the feasibility of addressing the challenge in a two-day period.

The pilot was launched in February 2015 with projects in two geographies.

In one project, employees from Cork, Ireland worked with an organization called Building Tomorrow to address a supply chain problem. Building Tomorrow was seeking help to figure out how to efficiently transport construction materials.  The EMC team created a roadmap that outlined ways to build a database of suppliers and transporters, along with recommendations for how to rent storage space and negotiate pre-arranged agreements with suppliers to ensure the timely arrival of construction materials.

The second project brought together employees from Hopkinton, MA and Apex, NC to work with an organization called Rumie to address a production and distribution problem. Rumie manufactures and distributes tablets preloaded with educational content and curriculum to areas of the world that otherwise wouldn’t have access to educational resources and/or technology. Rumie was interested in determining how to better partner with their supplier in China to procure smaller batches of tablets for faster distribution.  The EMC team was able to use their experience with manufacturing and distribution challenges to help Rumie strategize how to create better, and more efficient, partnerships with suppliers.  They mapped out a number of recommendations, including specific questions to ask suppliers and the hiring of a supply chain professional, and arranged for EMC employees in China to meet Rumie employees later in 2015 to help them navigate the supplier evaluation process.

The pilot was deemed a success by EMC participants and NGOs alike. Looking forward, we plan to grow the Global Impact Corps, and make enhancements to the next iteration of the program to cover additional locations so that we can engage a wider range of EMC employees.

EMC Gives Back

In 2014, EMC launched a new initiative called EMC Gives Back. This program provides employees an opportunity to be more engaged in EMC’s philanthropic efforts and draws the EMC community closer together. EMC Gives Back has three pillars:  Time, Commitment and Focus. 

  • Time: Employees now receive 24 paid hours annually to participate in volunteer activities during the work day. 
  • Commitment:  Our service anniversary recognition program is now enhanced by awarding employees GlobalGiving vouchers on the annual anniversary of their date of hire.  The vouchers may then be directed to one of thousands of charitable efforts in countries around the world.
  • Focus:  Biannual giving campaigns have been established that address two basic and universal human needs around the world each year.  In 2014, our focus areas were water and food. The campaigns provided the necessary infrastructure to rally the entire global EMC organization around each cause, building awareness, and providing additional support to the communities where we work and live.

In our first year of this program, we logged over 500,000 hours of service during the working hours.  Through the annual anniversary program, employees funded over 1,250 projects around the world. In our focus areas of clean water and food, we worked with charity:water to provide more than 12,000 people with access to safe clean water, and partnered with local food banks, farms and hunger relief agencies to deliver over 800,000 meals around the globe.

We saw wonderful examples in 2014 of the many ways EMC employees gave back to their communities using their 24 volunteer hours.

  • In Brazil, EMC supported its partnership with Lionsraw by helping build a sports and education center for children during the FIFA World Cup finals
  • Volunteers in Italy helped a school that provides a safe environment for at-risk children
  • A South African team conducted an outing for 100 children at a local zoo
  • For the third year, EMC China held Women in Technology forums
  • Working with United Way, EMC Australia volunteered at a Lifecare center helping those in need
  • In the U.S., EMC supported Second Harvest and the various food banks around the country to provide over 400,000 meals

Community Service Awards

We foster a culture of giving back by recognizing employees who make exceptional contributions in their communities. Established in 2009, EMC’s annual Community Service Awards (CSA) recognize employees for their contribution to communities outside of causes we support at the corporate level. CSA winners can designate a nonprofit to which EMC makes a one-time financial grant in their honor. Since the program’s inception, EMC has given out 121 CSA awards to employees, and made contributions totaling $345,000 on behalf of CSA winners. Please see the following list of 2014 CSA recipients and organizations.

Top 2014 Community Service Award Winners

Exemplary Awardee

Mohamed Kante - iNERDE Inc

Motivator Awardees (5)

Brian Cunningham - Appalachian Service Project
Dennis Debord - Hospice of Wake County
Brian Kling - Kingston Animal Shelter
Jennifer Marcure - Seattle Union Gospel Mission
Motlokwe Calvin Thobejane - Mohloto Thuto Foundation

Stewardship Awardees (16)

Carl Adams - Hopkinton Center for the Arts
Marie Pierre Dubreuil - AFSEP (French Association of Multiple Sclerosis)
Linda Gazoorian - Enter Stage Left Theater
Matthew Groves - Literacy Volunteers
Michael Guthrie - Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Billy Jenkins - South Melbourne Athletic Club
Evangeline Mangum - Truth Evangelistic Ministries, Inc
Bishoy Megally - Maaan
Denise O'Riordan (Ireland COE Special Olympics Committee) - Special Olympics
Sherifa Osman - Stabl Antar Dream/Sohbet Kheir NGO
Bernadette Paillaud - Planete Urgence
Xavier Prouvost - GED World
Isaac Rodolfo Aldana Romero
Vaishal Shah - Tie Young Entrepreneurs
Katharine Tracy - Northbridge PTA
Tina Yules - Touchstone Furniture Depot

Disaster Relief

In the wake of natural disasters and emergencies, EMC assists communities with support for relief and recovery efforts. We respond by donating corporate funds, as well as by matching employee donations to responding organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Australian Red Cross, Give2Asia, the International Red Cross, and the New Zealand Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

In 2014, EMC provided financial support in the wake of the Indian and Serbian floods and matched employees’ gifts towards responding to the typhoon in the Philippines. EMC Corporation and employees donated $205,000 in relief funding to these crises.

Highlights of impact from Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

EMC made a corporate donation to the Give2Asia fund set aside for this tragic event.  Give2Asia decided to target many of the dollars provided towards long-term recovery, a need that is all too often forgotten. 

EMC employees in the Philippines worked with the local Give2Asia team to assess the needs of the community after the typhoon. The decision was to work with HOPE Philippines and create three centers in affected areas funded by EMC matching dollars. These centers will serve as community computer labs, libraries, daycare centers, and skills development training locations, and are expected to be completed in late 2015/early 2016.

Additional Information

Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan Interim Report.