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Academic Alliance

To develop the workforce of tomorrow, society needs to anticipate the skills that will be required in the future. EMC plays an active role as a community partner by collaborating with colleges and universities around the globe to close the growing technology skills gap through our EMC Academic Alliance initiative. This initiative provides cloud computing, Big Data analytics, information storage, and backup recovery courseware designed to fit a variety of IT-related programs. This enables students to develop highly marketable knowledge relevant to the IT industry’s future needs, and helps ensure that the industry has a strong pipeline of graduates to meet future workforce needs.

Approximately five hundred new universities and colleges joined EMC Academic Alliance in 2014, increasing total membership to 2,200 organizations. The program’s global footprint grew from 74 to 82 countries. More than 100,000 students took EMC Academic Alliance courses in 2014. In total, the program has reached more than 350,000 students since its launch in 2006.

EMC Academic Alliance

Curriculum & Tools

Membership in the EMC Academic Alliance provides free access to “open” curriculum-based education, covering topics such as cloud computing, Big Data analytics, information storage and management, and backup recovery. We provide faculty with free training, courseware, and resources developed by EMC subject-matter experts who work with professors to validate curricula and ensure technical relevance and integration into academic programs.

As part of the EMC Academic Alliance program, registered students have access to an online portal that includes free e-Learning, case studies, videos, podcasts, and white papers. We also encourage students to connect with their global peers and industry experts through Facebook, Twitter, and the EMC Proven Professional online community.

Faculty Engagement

The EMC Academic Alliance team continually engages with faculty to update and enhance the program. The team encourages feedback through our faculty portal, regular email communications, and interactions with Academic Alliance program managers.

EMC Academic Associate

EMC Academic Associate recognition was launched in 2014. Students who pass the highly technical online test were given the designation of EMC Academic Associate – an easily identifiable credential that sets job candidates apart. Several unique features distinguish this new recognition for college students. As a globally standardized test that provides objective validation of their knowledge, the EMC Academic Associate credential is a meaningful indication of a student’s abilities to prospective employers. Each EMC Academic Associate has demonstrated the same measurable level of knowledge in the high demand and growing areas of information storage management and cloud computing. 

Students can promote this recognition through use of the EMC Academic Associate logo and credential on resumes, email signatures, and in social media. They also join a large and diverse EMC technical community, where they can network, seek and give advice, and learn more through online forums such as the EMC Proven Professional community. 
The tests, which are free of charge, provide benefits for faculty as well. Professors choose when and where to administer the test, in a format that is both easy to deploy and manage. The question banks are created by the same EMC technical subject matter experts who develop EMC’s unique ‘open’ curriculum, ensuring strict alignment to the course materials and strong relevance in the industry. The validation of students through EMC Academic Associate recognition provides expanded evaluation options to busy faculty members, and offers graduates additional tools for their career options.

EMC Localization Internship Program

Created in 2009, the EMC Localization Internship Program (ELI) fosters collaboration between university students and EMC’s Globalization Team, which is responsible for translating EMC product and marketing material into multiple languages worldwide. Through the ELI Program, EMC collaborates with local schools and universities to disseminate knowledge and terminology in emerging IT technologies. By providing tailored training modules that integrate into the schools’ existing curricula, we are helping to close the gap between theoretical teaching and business needs.
Additionally, engineering and localization students gain experience by working in real-world conditions through hands-on exercises and cross-cultural teamwork. Students are further engaged through their participation in the ELI Community, the program’s social platform and portal for accessing training and documentation. The ELI Program enables participants to learn about the latest technology trends in the localization industry such as machine translation, terminology management, and translation management systems.

Additional Information

Academic Alliance Facebook Page
EMC Academic Alliance has more than one million like-minded people across diverse geographies following our program on Facebook, helping us to increase our reach into the community.