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Employees and Workplace

Workplace Health & Safety

EMC works to ensure that our worldwide facilities provide safe and healthy environments for employees, visitors, and anyone who might be affected by our operations. Professionals manage our occupational health and safety programs, and we engage employees to continuously monitor and improve our performance.


EMC has developed comprehensive health and safety procedures that are continuously updated to comply with Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations. Job safety analyses and risk assessments support and drive our policies and procedures. We conduct audits and inspections to ensure the effectiveness of these policies and procedures.

Our manufacturing facilities, located in the U.S. and Ireland, are certified to OHSAS 18001, the global standard for excellence. As an IT company, our health and safety risks are primarily in manufacturing facilities. As of 2012, our OHSAS 18001 facilities certification statuses are as follows:

  • Manufacturing facility in Cork, Ireland, certified since 2005
  • Manufacturing facility in Franklin, Massachusetts, certified since 2009
  • Shipping and warehouse facility in Franklin, Massachusetts, certified since 2011
  • Manufacturing facility in Apex, North Carolina, certified since 2010

Employees take health and safety training relevant to their work through online and instructor-led courses. In 2012, we offered 16 computer-based training modules and bolstered our employee training program on hazardous chemicals, following changes in OSHA regulations. Employee-led safety action teams also meet regularly to review safety issues, perform audits, and organize training programs.


EMC was not cited for any health and safety violations in 2012.

Procedural Changes Case Study: Preventing Accidents

Understanding how an accident occurred is critical to avoid repeating that same accident in the future. In 2012, we strengthened our health and safety program by promoting the internal reporting and evaluation of “near misses”—situations where injuries or damage could have occurred, but did not. Investigating and analyzing near misses allows us to proactively identify, control, and prevent health and safety hazards. We are using this information to develop corrective and preventative actions to further improve our approach to workplace health and safety.

2012 Lost Time and Injury Rates
Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR)
All U.S.: 0.15
U.S. Manufacturing: 1.26

U.S. OSHA Recordable Incident Rate (ORIR)
All U.S.: 0.27
U.S. Manufacturing: 1.80


EMC recognizes that communicable diseases may pose a potential threat to the health of our employees, our business operations, and our global customers. Comprising representatives from business units across the company, our Global Pandemic Preparedness Team has created a detailed plan to help employees and customers around the world deal with pandemics at every phase.

In the event of a declared pandemic, we will take direction from health expert partners—including the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and EMC’s travel safety, security, and intelligence vendors—to mini¬mize disruptions to our operations, customer operations, and the supply chain. To learn more about how we plan for unexpected disruptions in our supply chain, visit Supply Chain Business Continuity.

No pandemics were declared in 2012.

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