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Stakeholder Engagement

EMC actively engages with stakeholders to build trust and foster dialogue, leveraging their expertise and perspective to strengthen our business. This engagement provides insight into emerging issues that are important to our stakeholders and to our business, as well as ideas for solutions to address those issues within our company walls and beyond.

In 2012, EMC organized two targeted forums focused on supply chain responsibility and facility carbon and energy. Approximately 10 external stakeholders—subject-matter experts from academia, industry, and the NGO and investor communities—participated in each meeting. Participants also included subject matter experts from EMC’s internal community. The objective of these sessions was to identify trends and potential solutions or areas of investigation for critical issues. The forums were facilitated by Ceres, a network of investors, companies, and public interest groups working to accelerate the adoption of sustainability practices.

Key topics covered during the supply chain responsibility session included:

  • Incentivizing suppliers to improve social and environmental responsibility performance
  • Strengthening disclosure around EMC’s and our suppliers’ supply chain responsibility efforts and results
  • Gaining knowledge of SER performance deeper in the supply chain sub-tiers
  • Collaborating with the EICC to advance industry standards

Key topics covered during the facility carbon and energy session included:

  • Increasing engagement with facility energy providers to influence a stronger renewable and low carbon mix
  • Developing medium-term goals to demonstrate progress toward longer-term goals
  • Investigating and developing stronger processes to measure emissions for leased and shared spaces and impacts from the activities of remote workers

In addition to these targeted sessions, EMC held several one-on-one meetings with stakeholders to review our previous year’s sustainability report and solicit feedback on how we could improve the reporting process for the 2012 report. That feedback resulted in several changes to this year’s report, including the addition of an overview section to describe our overarching perspective on sustainability, organization of the report content around those issues that are most material, and alignment of the visual elements and infographics with our highest priority issues.

Below are some additional examples of how we engaged with stakeholders in 2012 and responded to issues raised.

Stakeholder Group How We Engage Examples of How We Respond to Issues Raised
  • Employee engagement survey in collaboration with Great Place to Work Institute
  • Annual Innovation Conference
  • Recognition@EMC
  • Ongoing learning and development programs
  • Green teams and COE sustainability teams
  • Social media (EMC|ONE)
  • Online sustainability software

EMC continued engagement with employees at our Centers of Excellence to review sustainability initiatives and broaden EMC’s visibility into global sustainability issues.

In 2012, EMC launched a new employee engagement survey with the Great Place to Work Institute. The survey sought insights on 63 different statements based around the Great Place to Work Trust Index. The Trust Index maps statements to five different Trust Dimensions: Respect, Credibility, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie.

  • Feedback showed us that employees want to better understand how their day-to-day efforts contribute to the company’s overall success. In 2012, we launched Sharing for Success, a component of our employee review program, which ties employee bonuses to their performance on “One EMC” and rewards employees for all they do to drive our success as a company.
  • Moving forward, three “Great Place to Work” teams are focused on key areas to ensure that EMC continues to be a great place to work. These working groups are evaluating the company’s benefits package, the role our facilities play in contributing to a good working environment, and our community involvement initiatives. In addition, we are forming “Great Place to Work” teams around the world to identify and implement initiatives at the regional, local, and business unit level.

To learn more, visit Employee Engagement and Employees & Workplace.


  • Quarterly “Voice of the Customer” survey
  • Customer council focus group
  • One-on-one meetings
  • CDP Supplier Reports
  • Extensive RFP questions and supplier questionnaires
  • Executive Briefing Center
  • Engagement at EMC World

Through our customer feedback processes, we heard from customers that the process of transitioning a case from EMC® Customer Support Services (CSS) to technical teams could be smoother. CSS implemented systems to minimize instances of handoffs, where possible, and trained representatives on how to route cases to the most qualified technical support engineer. As a result, we are seeing faster issue resolution time and improved satisfaction scores.

We also learned that there are communications barriers between customers and CSS support personnel, primarily due to language differences. To improve the customer experience, we began offering new communication training and other learning opportunities, and opened a new customer support center staffed by multi-lingual support professionals.

To learn more, visit Customers.


  • Supplier and SAQs Audits
  • Annual Supplier Day
  • Supplier Scorecard
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • SER Link newsletter
  • Training
  • One-on-one assistance
  • Site visits

At our annual Supplier Day, we awarded our first annual EMC Blue Sky Supplier Sustainability Award, designed to acknowledge a supplier partner who demonstrates efforts in sustainability reporting and improving social and environmental responsibility. Through the award, we aim to promote sustainability in our supply chain.

We introduced the quarterly SER Link newsletter which helps suppliers better understand and track expectations, learn from best practices, and access tools and resources.

In addition, we offered training developed and delivered through the EICC that focused on two key issue areas: Health & Safety and Worker-Management Communications. We also offered suppliers in-depth online training on the Code of Conduct.

To learn more, visit Supply Chain Engagement.


  • Regular outreach with institutional investors and other shareholders
  • Annual shareholder meeting
  • Bloomberg Sustainability Survey
  • Inclusion of Sustainability overview in Annual Report on Form 10-K, Letter to Shareholders and earnings presentations
  • CDP reports (water and carbon)

We received a shareholder proposal requesting that EMC require significant suppliers publish annual sustainability reports. We engaged with the proponent and discussed EMC’s current practices and plans for next steps. Following our engagement, the proponent agreed to withdraw the proposal.

We continue to participate in the CDP and the CDP Water Disclosure Program.

We regularly respond to analyst ratings surveys and participate in investor conferences (e.g., UBS Forum).

To learn more, visit Energy Use & Climate Change and Water Use & Management.


  • Targeted sessions
  • One-one stakeholder sessions

We partnered with Ceres to hold two targeted sessions on Supply Chain Responsibility and Facility Carbon and Energy.

We held several one-one sessions with stakeholders to gain feedback on our reporting methodology.

Industry Groups

  • Memberships
  • Board Participation
  • Committee Participation
  • Public Policy advocacy

We continued participating in the EICC-GeSI Extractives workgroup to develop programs for the responsible sourcing of minerals, including the Conflict-Free Smelter program and mineral traceability schemes.

We continued our board membership in The Green Grid to establish industry-wide standards for energy efficiency metrics.

To learn more, visit Collaboration & Engagement.

Prospective employees

  • Engaging with universities
  • Internships
  • Career days

Through our Academic Alliance program, our global education partners use EMC-developed courseware to prepare the next generation of IT professionals for careers in information infrastructure, cloud computing, and Big Data analytics.

To learn more, visit Academic Alliance.

Local schools and communities

  • Town meetings
  • Volunteerism with community organizations

EMC is committed to being a good corporate citizen in our local communities. Two examples below highlight how we’ve given back in two communities:

  • EMC’s COE in India launched ”Joy of Giving Week,“ an employee-driven initiative to promote the company’s commitment to our communities, diversity and inclusion, and the environment. Activities throughout the week included a school supply drive and donated funds to provide 1,500 school kits for local low-income children.
  • To celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October, RSA® employees in Massachusetts volunteered in local schools to teach children safe and responsible use of the Internet.

To learn more, visit Strengthening Communities.

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