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Employees and Workplace

Employee Development

EMC offers an array of programs to guide employees on their journey at EMC and beyond. We believe individuals should play an active role in their own career development to achieve their professional goals. We empower employees to develop their careers, and task managers with helping people to hone skills and seek development opportunities.

EMC Employee Engagement Survey with the Great Place to Work Institute

In 2012, EMC launched a new employee engagement survey with the Great Place to Work Institute to learn about our employees’ perceptions of what makes EMC a great workplace and how we can make it even better. The survey was designed to gain insights into 63 company statements based on the Great Place to Work Trust Index which assigns those statements to five different Trust Dimensions: Respect, Credibility, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie. More than 31,000 EMC employees took part in the survey.

The results demonstrated that EMC continues to transform in our journey to be a great place to work with 82 percent of respondents agreeing to the following statement: “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.” For the first time in an EMC employee engagement survey, we included a statement on sustainability: “EMC demonstrates a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.” Eighty percent of respondents agreed with this statement.

Moving forward, we will continue to incorporate feedback to improve employee satisfaction at EMC and will participate in the Great Place to Work Survey 2013 and beyond.


EMC employees receive a performance review at least annually to discuss strengths, skills, and opportunities for growth. Employees and managers work together to develop and execute Individual Development Plans (IDPs). The IDP serves as an employee’s professional transformation plan and outlines development goals that align with individual career aspirations and the needs of the business. More than 70 percent of EMC’s employees have IDPs in place.


New employees are introduced to EMC through the award-winning EMC® Proven™ Professional Program, where they receive an overview of the information technology (IT) industry and learn about EMC’s values, best practices, and methodologies.

We offer rotational development programs for recent graduates to provide job-specific skills, mentoring, peer networking opportunities, and a holistic understanding of EMC’s business. Our rotational leadership development programs include:

  • Business Operations Leadership Development Program
  • Finance Training Program
  • Global Services Leadership Development Program
  • Human Resources Leadership Development Program
  • Information Technology Leadership Development Program
  • Leadership Engineering Accelerated Program
  • Marketing Development Program

Learning and development programs are designed to attract, retain, and develop highly talented people and enhance their ability to execute corporate strategy. Regular training opportunities are offered through Education Services and EMC University (EMCU). Our Education Services team is responsible for all technical and functional training, as well as sales and customer training. EMCU offers enterprise training on topics such as management and leadership development, business writing, and conflict management.

EMC offers a tailored learning path for employees at each level within the organization. EMCU designs and delivers this curriculum, which consists of a development roadmap for each career level, including robust and targeted portfolios of courses that are custom-developed for managers and directors in the areas of strategy, business, and leadership. Beyond this roadmap, there are multiple elective courses and programs to choose from for specific skills development.

We also offer eligible employees reimbursement for qualified education expenses, including undergraduate or graduate degree programs, external work-related programs, or formal certifications.

Our employees enthusiastically believe in our training and development programs as measured by our company-wide ”Great Place to Work” Survey. In the 2012 survey, 77 percent of our global employees agreed with the following statement: “I am offered training or development to further myself professionally.”

Talent Review Process

Our talent is the engine that fosters innovation for EMC’s continued growth. We annually conduct an Organization and Talent Review (OTR) to plan our leadership and talent agenda for the future. During OTR, our leaders identify their high-potential employees, critical talent, and successors. This process yields a plan to actively engage and retain these employees through movement across business units and geographies, promotions, and targeted development opportunities to prepare them for their next role at EMC. To learn more, visit the Organization and Talent Review section of EMC’s 2012 Proxy Statement.

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