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Understanding and anticipating customer needs has been the keystone of EMC’s success. We deliver products that meet customer needs, and we’re constantly anticipating new solutions that can help them advance their own sustainability journeys and transform their operations. Driving our efforts is the EMC® Total Customer Experience (TCE) program, which enables business growth through continual improvement in customer and partner experience via a customer-focused and data-driven strategy.


Our TCE model is a demonstration of EMC’s company-wide commitment to exceed customer expectations for quality, service, innovation, and sustainability. Through TCE, customers, partners, and EMC field personnel can provide feedback on their experience and EMC can measure the quality of every customer interaction. We also use Big Data analytics to gain deeper insight into customer feedback, identify trends, develop improvement plans based on those trends, and drive continuous improvement and process excellence throughout the enterprise.

One component of TCE is EMC’s extensive Voice of the Customer survey which evaluates our relationship with customers through each step of the customer’s journey. We use the survey to determine priority areas, establish initiatives, and identify metrics and goals that are important to our customers—driving actionable recommendations and improvement initiatives. EMC explicitly asks customers about sustainability priorities to ensure their concerns are incorporated into our products, services, and business processes. The 2012 survey findings reaffirmed EMC’s ongoing improvement as indicated by an increase in customer loyalty ratings. Customers noted innovation as a strength for EMC, and our partners and resellers recognized our products to be a differentiator in the market.

The TCE team leverages its Lean Six Sigma and Audit group to identify critical improvements across the business—streamlining processes and saving money for the company and our customers. At the end of 2012, EMC had conducted more than 2,000 Lean Six Sigma projects, which provided return on investment benefits (measured by cost efficiencies, revenue generation, and customer experience improvements) exceeding $800 million.

EMC received The Temkin Group’s 2012 Customer Experience Excellence Award for our TCE program and our Customer Service Support program, demonstrating our commitment to driving improvement through customer feedback. The Temkin Group is a prestigious industry expert and one of the founders of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

To drive the importance of customer service at EMC, an annual TCE Excellence Award is presented to individuals or teams that best demonstrate our commitment to the Total Customer Experience. In 2013, candidates will be nominated by EMC executives for the TCE Excellence Award in the following three categories:

  • Corporate Team Award: Awarded to the internal TCE-enabled organization that goes above and beyond to develop a customer relationship or strategic partnership
  • Customer-Facing Team Award: Awarded to the field team that goes above and beyond to proactively drive Total Customer Experience with an existing or new account
  • Individual Award: Awarded to the EMC employee who demonstrates individual excellence in exceeding customer expectations

The TCE program also leverages EMC’s annual Innovation Conference to recognize innovative approaches to maintain customer loyalty while enhancing our customer service capabilities and engagement model. In 2012, the TCE Innovation Award was awarded to a team that focused on log analysis and improving data collection and response time, enabling EMC to optimize our customer feedback. To learn more, visit Innovation Network.

Customer Stories
Reducing Energy: The Journey to the Cloud

Blank Rome LLP, one of the largest law firms in the U.S., wanted to transform its global IT infrastructure to enable more efficient growth, improved agility, and increased performance. EMC helped streamline storage, virtualization, and cloud technologies by moving the company to a virtual environment via a private cloud. The project helped Blank Rome reduce energy costs by 30 percent, increase storage capacity by 40 percent, and save millions of dollars in hardware and maintenance expenditures. To learn more, view the Blank Rome Customer Profile on

Blue Cross Blue Shield, a major healthcare insurance company, engaged EMC to consolidate, virtualize, and modernize its IT infrastructure at its corporate headquarters. Our efforts to help Blue Cross Blue Shield on its journey to the Cloud resulted in a 35 percent increase in performance and around $250,000 in annual savings in power and cooling costs. To learn more, watch the Blue Cross Blue Shield video.

Increasing Performance in the Demanding Digital World

Rodale Inc., one of the world’s leading healthy lifestyle companies, doubles its storage needs every 18 months due to increasing demand for faster access to digital content such as videos, images, and other data. EMC solutions helped Rodale achieve greater scalability, performance, and more efficient backup. The project decreased backup data by 70 percent and recovered 15 percent of its data center space—resulting in significant reductions in energy needs for power and cooling. To learn more, visit the Rodale Customer Profile on

To learn more about other successful customer projects, visit Customer Profiles located in the EMC Resource Library on


EMC places high importance on measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT), maintaining industry-leading levels, and using feedback to continually drive improvements. This includes setting quarterly CSAT targets both across “the field” and remote organizations, as well as posting the surveys on our internal dashboard site for EMC’s Customer Support Services (CSS) to reference.

In 2012, CSS learned that “handoffs”transitions of cases from customer support teams to technical teamswere not being executed well. To address this feedback, we introduced initiatives to minimize instances of handoffs and launched “Skills-Based Routing,” which helps CSS employees route cases to the most qualified technical support engineer. Early results of these efforts show faster time to resolution with a 10-point improvement in CSAT scores since Q1 2011.

Through our use of advanced text analytics to understand customer concerns, CSS realized that some customers were not fully satisfied with EMC support communication during their service requests—primarily due to language barriers. We worked with offshore customer support teams to improve communication effectiveness through the use of language coaches and recorded phone sessions for training and learning opportunities. We also made a strategic decision to open a new customer support center in Draper, Utah, in which we placed multi-lingual support professionals. These initiatives have helped increase CSAT scores by more than six points and we are seeing fewer negative comments regarding local language support.


The EMC Community Network (ECN) on launched in 2008 and continues to evolve. The site is a social network that links stakeholders—our employees, customers, and partners—who have common interests in collaborating and innovating on everything from EMC products to industry practices. Members can find and share ideas through blogs, social networking tools, and RSS feeds—providing a direct connection to our leaders, experts, and products teams. Membership increased 20 percent in 2012 and, in response to member requests, we are adding new features such as social collaboration and personalized search tools.


EMC founded the worldwide Executive Briefing Program in 1994 and has since hosted more than 40,000 individual customer briefings across the globe. The briefings are designed to bring EMC customers together with executives and experts in order to encourage multi-way discussions about industry-leading technology and strategy. The meetings are catered to specific customer needs and the local market, but we have noticed a growing interest in the topic of sustainability and EMC’s efforts in this area.

We have briefing centers located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts; Santa Clara, California; Bedford, Massachusetts; Washington, D.C.; Cork, Ireland; Bangalore, India; Singapore; Tokyo, Japan; and Beijing, China. We plan to launch a center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in early 2014. To learn more, visit EMC Worldwide Executive Briefing Program on


EMC Worldwide Executive Briefing Program: Customer Brochure

EMC Recognized for Commitment to Customer Excellence

In 2012, EMC was named the winner of the 2012 Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) STAR Award for Innovation in Enabling Customer Success and Innovation in Product Supportability. These awards recognized EMC’s customer-centric governance model for anticipating a shift in the IT landscape due to emerging customer requirements. EMC also earned its fourth TSIA Hall of Fame Achievement Award, in recognition of 21 STAR Award wins to-date.

EMC Elect: Spanning the Gap between Brand Loyalty and Brand Advocacy

In late 2012, we launched EMC Elect, a community-driven, peer-nominated recognition program that acknowledges distinguished contributions to the EMC community by employees, customers, and partners during the past year. We received more than 200 applications, and selected 75 “Elect” members who demonstrated holistic social engagement in 2012. EMC now looks to these individuals to show leadership and commitment, and set the cadence of the community as we weave them further into our corporate DNA.

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