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Employees and Workplace

Health & Wealth Benefits

At EMC, we use the power of innovative IT to help employees manage their health and wealth. Our tools and resources enable employees and their family members to understand individual status, get targeted information, improve health, and grow wealth.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package for our employees around the world. In the U.S., we provide the following:

  • Tiered medical plans
  • Dental, vision, and prescription insurance
  • Adoption assistance
  • Autism benefits
  • Maternal health, smoking cessation, disease management, and life coaching programs
  • Retirement planning through a 401(k) plan
  • Access to an employee stock purchase plan

EMC is committed to protecting and securing our employees’ information and to helping them protect their own personal data. In 2012, we built on that commitment by making available two benefit offerings that incorporate RSA® security technology: identity theft protection via InfoAmor and increased security of EMC® HealthLink Personal Health Records. To learn more about EMC’s role as an IT and security provider, visit Information Security & Privacy.

Employees scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week are eligible for the benefits package. More information about benefits for EMC’s U.S. employees can be found at Information about benefits offered to employees in other countries where we conduct business can be found on the appropriate EMC local website.


EMC believes that patients should be in control of their own health information and have access to it anytime, anywhere. Creating an all-in-one secure, meaningful, actionable, and technologically-based Personal Health Record (PHR) is a safety imperative, and we have demonstrated our commitment to improving access to PHRs for more than a decade. In 2012, we introduced the mobile PHR that allows users to access lab results right from their mobile devices. We also increased PHR security with the addition of RSA Adaptive Authentication.

HealthLink, EMC’s health management portal is powered by WebMD and secured by RSA. It enables employees and their family members to manage healthcare information 24x7 anywhere in the world. It has been accessed by 80 percent of EMC’s U.S. employees and 65 percent of spouses/domestic partners. Users enter health information into a confidential, secure portal and receive targeted communications about resources to help individual health needs. Users may also choose to share information in the PHR with healthcare providers.

The PHR helps employees and adult family members review complete clinical data with their healthcare providers, avoid duplicative tests and procedures, and manage drug interactions and side effects. This health management approach has improved outcomes and contained costs for employees and for EMC. Since implementing the wellness program in 2004, our average per capita cost increase is lower than the national average. In 2012, EMC’s per capita increase was 4.7 percent as compared to the projected national average of 5.2 percent. Source: Towers Watson & National Business Group on Health: Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care, 2012.

EMC and Sodexo Recognized for ”Build a Better You” Nutrition Initiative

In 2012, the New England Employee Benefits Council recognized EMC, and its partner Sodexo, for the Build a Better You (BABU) program, which helps employees lead healthier lifestyles by influencing dietary choices at the moment of decision. BABU offers “Stop Light” color-coded utensils—red, use sparingly; yellow, use with caution; green, use freely—at employee cafes and easy-to-read signage featuring caloric information about food options provided in EMC cafeterias. Efforts to raise awareness about more nutritious options has resulted in a decrease in purchases of less nutritious, high-caloric foods, like bacon bits and pepperoni, and an increase in healthier options, such as vegetables.


EMC was the first employer to sponsor an electronic PHR, launched in 2004. Since then, we have been playing an increasingly influential role in accelerating the movement to harness the full potential of digital technology to improve health. In fact, our innovation and expertise in healthcare technology and in employee benefits are being sought out by Fortune 500 companies, business leaders, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We helped advance healthcare IT in 2012 through the introduction of several new employee programs. Together with our digital health management partner Healthrageous, we introduced a remote system for monitoring hypertension that allows patients to take their blood pressure virtually and then upload their readings to Healthrageous and HealthLink. We also introduced an Obesity Coaching program, which offers EMC employees the ability to weigh themselves, upload their weight to HealthLink, and participate in coaching calls with WebMD Health Coaches who have access to their readings. In addition, we offered NowClinic, a telehealth program that provides EMC employees and their families with online access to physicians and nurses. We also launched My PowerSource, a virtual benefits platform that offers benefit fairs, online chats, open enrollment, and other employee engagement tools.

We feel it is our responsibility to share our experiences with other employers and health organizations. Through our Choice & Responsibility Advisory Services, we provide employees with a road map for creating a culture of wellness, demonstrating our commitment to help improve the healthcare system.

How Big Data Improves Health Outcomes

As the prevalence of Big Data evolves, healthcare IT will continue to benefit from analytics. EMC predicts healthcare data will increase threefold between 2013 and 2016, bringing with it the ability to better detect disease and aid medical research. Under the Affordable Care Act, Big Data analytics will help doctors better predict outcomes for patients and help researchers evaluate the potential effectiveness of treatments.


WealthLink is EMC’s wealth accumulation and protection program. It provides employees with the opportunity to learn how to develop their own wealth management plans to meet their individual and family needs and goals while optimizing the benefits provided by EMC. Through WealthLink, employees have access to onsite seminars, webinars, financial planning sessions, the employee stock purchase plan, 401(k) plan, and other programs.

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