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Customer Experience

Total Customer Experience

EMC's commitment to a customer-first approach begins at the top and permeates every level and aspect of our company. EMC’s Total Customer Experience (TCE) model is a demonstration of our commitment to exceed customer expectations for quality, service, innovation, and sustainability. Through TCE, customers, partners, and EMC field personnel provide feedback on their experiences, and EMC measures the quality of every customer interaction. We use Big Data analytics of the feedback provided to gain deeper insights, identify trends, and drive continuous improvement and process excellence throughout the enterprise.


In 2014, EMC held its inaugural TCE Day both onsite at 13 offices in 7 countries – China, Egypt, India, Ireland, Russia, Singapore, and the U.S. – and virtually. Over 4,000 employees and more than 150 customer and partner guests participated in the onsite events. We celebrated EMC’s customer-centric culture, recognized our passionate and committed employees, and explored ways to further improve TCE. The virtual celebration featured on-demand videos as well as live Q&A discussions with EMC experts from around the world and across the company.  The event had over 100,000 social media impressions.

Measuring Customer Feedback

EMC places high importance on measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT), maintaining industry-leading levels, and using feedback to continually drive improvements. This includes setting quarterly CSAT targets across EMC’s field and remote service organizations. EMC posts surveys and results on our internal dashboard site for EMC’s Customer Services (CS) to reference. We set goals for all CS managers based on quarterly CSAT results.

In 2014, EMC was recognized with its highest Industry Net Promoter Score (NPS) and continued to achieve best-in-class CSAT levels. EMC implemented an MBO goal for all senior executives focused on customer feedback and overall customer loyalty. We continued to implement new initiatives to enhance our comprehensive view of our customers’ experiences. In particular, TCE began to leverage social media as an additional “listening post” and means of expanding the EMC TCE brand. We modified and leveraged existing TCE programs to obtain actionable customer feedback along the holistic end-to-end customer journey. Following are elements of TCE programs for the “Customer Journey Map”:

  • Buy: EMC conducts customer interviews with decision makers to understand the touch points they experience. In the process, we collect detailed feedback on areas of success and areas of opportunity. In addition to these one-on-one interviews, EMC continues to explore how to gather even more detailed feedback about the buyer experience from a wider customer base. The TCE team partners with EMC Sales and Pre-Sales to develop this initiative.
  • Deploy and Support: Transactional surveys play a key role in measuring customer satisfaction after a deployment or service event. These transactional surveys are supplemented with input from EMC personnel to provide an employee view of the voice of the customer, enabling our customer-facing employees to share best practices and offer suggestions to improve the customer experience.
  • Product Use: Every EMC business unit participates in the TCE Product Survey program. This program enables the business to view customer feedback on their products in real time and, after detailed analysis, allows business unit leaders to identify and implement any changes needed. Combined with the Voice of Field facilitated sessions, the Product Survey program enables EMC’s TCE team to generate an action plan for initiatives to improve customers’ product experiences.

Voice of Experience Program

TCE has a comprehensive “VOX” program comprised of Voice of Customer, Voice of Partner, and Voice of Field. We use supporting data analytics to gain deeper insight into feedback provided and drive continuous improvements based on this insight.

Our extensive Customer Relationship Survey evaluates the end-to-end view of EMC’s relationship with customers. We use the survey to determine priority areas, establish initiatives, and identify metrics and goals that are important to our customers – driving actionable recommendations and improvement initiatives that align with customer perspectives.

In addition to Voice of Customer, the survey included the following components to develop a broader and more accurate picture of our customers’ experiences:

  • Voice of Partner: Measures the relationship with EMC’s partners and what EMC needs to provide to enable the partner to deliver TCE to the customer
  • Voice of Partner’s Customer: Captures feedback on the quality of the service our partners provide to their customers that have EMC products
  • Voice of Field: Leverages knowledge of those who interact with the customer the most through sales, support, and professional services

Lean Six Sigma Audit Group

The TCE team leverages its Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and Audit group to identify key opportunities for improvement across EMC. These improvements are prioritized to drive continual improvement in EMC’s product quality, time to resolution, cost efficiencies, and overall process improvement. While we focus on many internal improvements, the team also addresses key customer concerns.

In 2014, the LSS and Audit group aligned to lead Top TCE Enterprise Initiatives and launched Yellow Belt and Green Belt Video Instructor-Led training to increase return on investment and operational efficiency. In addition, we successfully completed the ISO external surveillance audits with no findings.

External Customer Service Awards

In 2014, for the third year in a row, EMC won the Temkin Group Award, an accomplishment that speaks to the focus we place on the customer experience. The Temkin Group is a customer experience research and consulting firm devoted to helping large companies build customer loyalty.

EMC was also recognized with the 2014 Technology Services Industry Association Star Award for Customer commitment, and the 2014 Impact Award from Customer Experience Professionals Association.

TCE Innovation Award

The TCE team sponsors an Innovation Award as part of EMC’s annual Innovation Roadmap. The award recognizes innovative approaches to maintaining and growing customer loyalty while enhancing EMC’s customer solution portfolio, service capabilities and engagement model. In 2014, the TCE Innovation Award winner recommended a unified EMC product and service feedback system to capture customer feedback real-time. This feedback will be utilized to drive real-time product and solution enhancements while providing key insight into our future development roadmaps.

EMC Community Network

The EMC Community Network on launched in 2008 and is still evolving. This online site creates a social network that links some of our stakeholders, such as our employees, customers, and partners, who have common interests in collaborating and innovating on everything from EMC products to industry practices. Members can find and share ideas through blogs, social networks and RSS feeds—providing a direct connection to our leaders, experts, and products teams.

Executive Briefing Program

EMC’s Executive Briefing Program provides customers, partners, and prospects the unique opportunity to interact with executive management, business leaders, and technology experts across the company. By specifically tailoring conversations to audiences ranging from Systems Architects and IT Managers to C-suite Executives, the Executive Briefing Program allows customers and partners to connect with EMC both technically and strategically. This interaction allows visitors to explore EMC’s position in the marketplace while collaboratively addressing their individual challenges, redefining strategies, and ultimately working to transform their underlying business.

Founded in 1994, the Executive Briefing Program now reaches over 20,000 attendees annually. The program consists of 11 briefing locations around the world in conjunction with a robust global field program. To learn more, visit EMC’s Worldwide Executive Briefing Program.

Center Locations: Hopkinton, MA (HQ); Bedford, MA (RSA); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Silicon Valley, CA; Washington, D.C.; Cork, Ireland; Bangalore, India; Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Singapore; Tokyo, Japan

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