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Leveraging Application Investments
Leveraging Application Investments

The agile organization's ability to react to change and evolving business objectives depends on an IT infrastructure that leverages the integration of existing applications, business processes, and the IT platform. EMC Consulting’s unique mix of strategic business, application, and infrastructure expertise helps you optimize application investments. We reduce the effort and cost required to implement new capabilities and accelerate the rate at which business benefits are realized.

Link Employees, Customers, and Partners

The need to collaborate among employees, customers, and partners in an easy, efficient manner is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a business imperative. Collaboration systems can help you improve productivity, share information across organizational boundaries, or gain new customer insights.

Our Perspective

Effective collaboration requires a transparent connection to enterprise information using interfaces that are adapted for users based on their needs, context, and privileges. Intuitive, easy-to-use systems have higher adoption rates, lower support costs, and significantly enhance productivity. EMC Consulting helps you leverage your investments in Microsoft applications such as SharePoint, Office, and Dynamics CRM. We create collaboration systems that have tangible, long-term benefits and deliver rapid returns on investment:

  • Enterprise portals that enhance information sharing, knowledge management, and decision support among geographically and functionally dispersed information and resources
  • Streamlined, optimized business processes that enable rapid response to marketplace changes, increase agility, and boost workforce productivity
  • A customer relationship management strategy that improves customer service and satisfaction with an integrated view of customers and their interactions across sales, marketing, and operations.
Enable IT Flexibility

Creating an application and data infrastructure that can enable a quick response to market and customer demands requires software systems tailored to business-specific needs.

Our Perspective

A flexible application environment enables integration among today’s legacy systems while providing a platform for current and future development initiatives. It provides a better connected set of applications logically organized into services that reflect the business needs of your organization. EMC Consulting can help you create an application and data infrastructure that leverages your investments in Microsoft technology such as .NET, SQL Server, and BizTalk Server.

Our consultants:

  • Build business intelligence systems that consolidate views of disparate data sources, enable predictive analysis, and provide access to the information you need to make timely business decisions.
  • Develop custom applications using experts trained in the full range of modern application lifecycle development processes, from design through implementation and on-going maintenance.
  • Automate business processes and integrate legacy applications by organizing applications into services that reflect your business needs.
Create a Secure, Managed, and Monitored Microsoft Technical Infrastructure

Organizations are looking to lower ongoing cost of operations, simplify administrative tasks, and improve the security and reliability of their information technology infrastructure.

Our Perspective

A secure, managed, and monitored server and desktop infrastructure reduces complexity, increases reliability, and lowers administrative costs. EMC Consulting helps you leverage your investments in Microsoft technology (System Center, Exchange, Active Directory, Windows Server) to make systematic improvements across:

  • Systems and Operations Management by simplifying deployment and management and protecting downtime with a centrally managed and monitored infrastructure for your server and desktop environments.
  • Enterprise Messaging and Unified Communications by Integrating, transforming, or upgrading messaging systems to improve collaboration, by developing archival and recovery strategies, and by providing mobile work-force flexibility by combining best-of-breed hardware and software.
  • Identity and Access Management by improving manageability of user accounts and simplifying the authentication, authorization, and provisioning responsibilities of an IT infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Optimization by reducing maintenance, protecting information, and developing a virtualization strategy for your information, messaging, or collaboration systems.
Leverage Your SAP Investment with Improved Content Management

EMC believes it is critical for companies to develop a comprehensive, integrated approach to managing their enterprise content. This enables IT and business managers to move their content management initiatives to the next level and realize the full benefit of their SAP infrastructures.

Our Perspective

Enterprises have made significant investments in their SAP systems, which are often responsible for processing their most sensitive data. A growing number of market factors are driving increased need for more effective archiving, compliance, and content-enabling. In order to satisfy this need and optimize infrastructure costs, enterprises need to consider the integration and management of SAP instances into enterprise content management and archiving systems.

EMC is an SAP Global Technology and Software Partner and a member of the SAP Enterprise and Virtualization communities. We understand your need to address SAP operational issues related to archiving, content migration, invoice processing, plant maintenance, and portal integration. Our experienced SAP consultants work closely with you on a technical implementation as well as ILM strategy for SAP.

Leverage Your Investment in Documentum To Achieve Enterprise Advantage

Whether you have already invested in the Documentum Enterprise Content Management Suite or plan to in the future, you may be challenged by the growing volume of web, paper, video, audio, and messaging content created by different people across your organization. You must balance the need to secure your critical corporate information with the need to share the right information with the right people.

Our Perspective

Defining and implementing sound approaches for the creation, organization, delivery, and disposition of information assets is critical to your success. How you fit existing systems into an integrated enterprise content management framework will make a difference in your ability to compete.

EMC Consulting delivers an enterprise view of your business operations and the factors impacting corporate information throughout its lifecycle. We will work with you to accelerate the value of your investments in Documentum Enterprise Content Management technology, as well as other business applications—whether Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, or other key enterprise applications.