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				  Information Governance Advisory Services
Information Governance Advisory Services

Descriptive Info

EMC Consulting helps you to successfully govern a growing spectrum of information types across the organization, among third parties, and into the cloud.

Our Information Governance Advisory Services help you to define your information governance approach, identify gaps, and leverage recommendations for business workflow improvements, policies and controls, technology selection, and program optimization.


Information governance can be complex. You need to understand where information moves, how it's used throughout the organization, and how it's governed by policies for security, privacy, records information lifecycle management, and records retention.

To share information across the enterprise while managing the associated cost and risk, you need to:

  • Develop an enterprisewide core set of master-information standards and guidelines.
  • Implement and oversee effective processes for managing and ensuring the quality of these standards and guidelines.
  • Build information quality into stewardship processes.
  • Set objective metrics and reasonable targets for managing information quality.

Our Approach

EMC Consulting has industry-focused information security specialists who understand business-critical information, compliance issues, and how organizations should handle their information. We offer:

  • High-value information asset identification
  • Information governance policy and control design
  • Storage security assessment

Measurable Outcomes

EMC Consulting Information Governance Advisory Services help you to develop a cohesive approach to information governance so you can:

  • Ensure that information is managed by the right owners, at the right time, and following the right policies.
  • Protect against information breaches through well-defined controls for hardening technical storage devices.

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