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 microsoft infrastructure optimization
Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization


EMC’s Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization service offerings provide a broad range of design and lifecycle management services. We help you create a simplified, centrally managed infrastructure for your Microsoft server and desktop environments.


Are you spending too much of your technology budget on hardware and software maintenance–installing software upgrades, applying security patches, provisioning machines for new employees, tracking assets, and performing inventories?

Our Approach

EMC helps you improve system performance, decrease downtime, and reduce the cost and complexity of your technical infrastructure. We provide services for:

  • Identity and access management to improve manageability of user accounts and simplify the authentication and authorization responsibilities of an IT infrastructure.
  • Systems and operations management to create a centrally managed and monitored infrastructure that remotely deploys software and patches, maintains an inventory of software and hardware assets, and monitors the use of software.
  • Provisioning to automate processes for creating user accounts, granting authorizations, and tracking equipment issued to employees.
  • Virtualization to create strategies and implement appropriate technology.
Measurable Outcomes

EMC Infrastructure Optimization services can:

  • Reduce IT management and maintenance costs up to 30% per year.
  • Enhance security.
  • Eliminate lengthy downtimes during upgrades.
  • Reduce configuration errors and compatibility issues.


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