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 enterprise content management application integration
ECM Application Integration


EMC Consulting delivers interoperability between the Documentum enterprise content management platform and applications such as Notes, PeopleSoft, SAP, and SharePoint. Our Documentum Foundation Services Extensions reduce content redundancy and facilitate information exchange between business users.


Your business depends on common enterprise applications to support its operations. While these applications may streamline functional processes, they can also create information silos and redundancy across lines of business. Removing these inefficiencies can be costly and difficult in terms of:

  • Interoperability
  • Extensibility
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Content transfer
Our Approach

EMC Consulting offers Documentum Foundation Services Extensions.

Pre-packaged web services and client components that use Documentum to extend content management across applications. Common application functions can then be tailored to your specific requirements, such as:

  • Archiving or drag-and-drop functionality between Notes and Documentum environments.
  • Seamless participation of PeopleSoft users in Documentum workflow processes.
  • Using Documentum to link data records, reports, and unstructured content to business processes performed by SAP users.
  • Applying content management features like workflow, transformation, subscription, and access control to SharePoint users.
Measurable Outcomes

Business productivity and effectiveness improves significantly when enterprise business applications use a common content management platform to:

  • Enhance secure archiving support for metadata, content, and attachments among email environments.
  • Streamline business processes by matching application data to forms and content through active workflows.
  • Improve customer responsiveness by linking application data and external content to reduce access time.
  • Leverage the value of client software by linking ECM functionality to end user application processes.
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