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New Hire Development Opportunities

Joining a new organization can be an exciting time full of opportunities. EMC provides many tools to help you succeed. These offerings will help you fit into EMC’s goal–driven culture and build a foundation for performing effectively in your role.

  • Compass New Hire Program — On your first day at EMC you’ll have the opportunity to participate in an orientation program offered locally or virtually through our online New Hire site. This program will introduce you to information, resources, and time-saving tools designed to help you become an active EMC employee, quickly and successfully.
  • 90-day success plan — The first 90 days are the most critical in a new job. During this time, you’ll be learning everything that you can about EMC, your organization, and your work. You’ll work with your manager to develop and complete a 90-day success plan.
  • Mentoring — EMC University offers information on mentoring at EMC. A one-on-one mentoring relationship can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Our handbook can get you started–whether you are looking for a mentor, or interested in becoming one.
  • Goals-EMC — Your experience at EMC is one filled with goals. You are influenced by quarterly goals for the organization as well as your department. You have day-to-day, week-to-week, ongoing goals, and developmental goals as well. These goals will help drive your success, the success of your department, and overall success of EMC.


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