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On-Campus Events

School Name Event Name Event Date
Santa Clara University Engineering Career Fair 16-Jan-13
Stanford University Computer Forum 16-Jan-13
University of California Davis Engineering & Physical Sciences Internship & Career Fair 16-Jan-13
Tuskegee University Info Session 17-Jan-13
The University of Alabama Sales Retreat 18-Jan-13
University of Colorado - Boulder Spring Career and Internship Fair 2013 23-Jan-13
University of Washington - Seattle CSE Industry Affiliates Winter Recruiting Fair 24-Jan-13
Brigham Young University Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Career Fair 24-Jan-13
Bentley University Resume E.R. event 25-Jan-13
Howard University Info Session 29-Jan-13
Howard University Spring Career Fair 30-Jan-13
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ECS Career Fair 30-Jan-13
DeVry University Midtown Manhattan Info Session 30-Jan-13
University of Texas - Austin (Natural Sciences) 2013 Spring Career Fair - College of Natural Sciences 31-Jan-13
DeVry University Midtown Manhattan, NY Career Fair 31-Jan-13
DeVry University Addison, IL Career Fair 31-Jan-13
Arizona State University Business Career Fair 31-Jan-13
University of California, Berkeley 2013 EECS Internship Open House 31-Jan-13
Arizona State University Sales CF Interviews 01-Feb-13
University of Wisconsin Madison - Engineering Career Services Spring Career Connection (Day 1) 04-Feb-13
San Jose State University Base Career Fair 05-Feb-13
University of California Santa Cruz Winter Job & Internship Fair 05-Feb-13
Washington State University, Pullman Spring Career Expo 05-Feb-13
Clemson University Tech Connect Day 1 05-Feb-13
Syracuse University LCS Engineering Career Connections Fair 06-Feb-13
University of Idaho Spring Job and Internship Fair 06-Feb-13
Spelman College Spring Career Fair 06-Feb-13
University of Waterloo Partners 4 Employment Spring Job Fair 06-Feb-13
North Carolina State University Engineering Career Fair 06-Feb-13
Purdue University College of Technology Career Fair 06-Feb-13
Morehouse College Career and Graduate School Fair 07-Feb-13
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Spring 2013 Science and Engineering Career Fair 07-Feb-13
Clark Atlanta University Career Fair 08-Feb-13
University of North Carolina - Charlotte Experiential Learning & Part-Time Job Fair 08-Feb-13
Colorado School of Mines Career Fair 12-Feb-13
Morgan State University CONNECTION 2013 Fair 12-Feb-13
Diversity Job Fair USENIX FAST (2/12-15) 12-Feb-13
Bentley University Spring Career Fair 13-Feb-13
Northeastern University MBA Career Fair 2013 14-Feb-13
Western Washington University Winter Career Fair 14-Feb-13
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Summer Internship & Job Fair 14-Feb-13
University of Arizona Career Showcase 2013 14-Feb-13
Harvey Mudd College Spring Job & Internship Fair 15-Feb-13
SUNY - Stony Brook Spring STEM Fair 15-Feb-13
University of Arizona Sales CF Interviews 15-Feb-13
Purdue University Diversity Engineering Forum 16-Feb-13
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) Spring 2013 - Mix and Mingle 18-Feb-13
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) Spring 2013 CSRC Luncheon 18-Feb-13
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) Spring 2013 - CSRC Career Fair 18-Feb-13
Ohio University Winter Sales Career Fair 18-Feb-13
Idaho State University Spring 2013 Career Fair 19-Feb-13
Ohio University Career Fair Interviews 19-Feb-13
University of California Irvine EngiTECH Career Fair 20-Feb-13
Utah Valley University Technology Career Fair 20-Feb-13
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Spring Job & Internship Expo 21-Feb-13
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Spring Career Fair 21-Feb-13
University of Puerto Rico Spring Career Fair 22-Feb-13
Bentley University BUSINESS BOWL 2013 23-Feb-13
San Jose State University EXPO '13 Job/Internship Fair 26-Feb-13
Bryant University Career Fair 27-Feb-13
Carnegie Mellon University Society of Women Engineers Region G Conference 01-Mar-13
Kennesaw State University National Collegiate Sales Competition (3/1-3/4) 01-Mar-13
Bryant University Sales CF Interviews 05-Mar-13
University of California, Berkeley School of Information Spring 2013 Career Fair 06-Mar-13
Elon University Spring Career Showcase 12-Mar-13
Non Campus Event Worcester Consortium Career Fair 13-Mar-13
Elon University Sales CF Interviews 13-Mar-13
Rochester Institute of Technology Spring Career Fair 20-Mar-13
University of Houston Sales Career Fair 21-Mar-13
Wentworth Institute of Technology Spring Career Fair 21-Mar-13
University of Washington - Bothell Spring Career Fair - Science & Technology 25-Apr-13
Universität Hamburg Stellenwerk job fair 14-May-13
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