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Xiao, Software Engineering Manager


Hi, I’m Xiao. I’m a software engineering manager here at EMC China Research and Development Center (RDC) in Beijing.

In my spare time, I do a lot of reading. I used to read only technology books, but now I like reading more about history and economics, because I find human beings and society to be much more complex than any machine. I also like watching movies, especially sci-fi movies. I guess my personal life is no different than any other geek's life ;).

I’m managing an eight-member team here in the EMC China RDC Beijing office. My team is working with two other teams in the U.S. and Shanghai to develop a state-of-the-art network file system that will be the differentiator of EMC’s NAS product.

We impact the company in two ways:delivering high-quality features in time to make EMC NAS product more competitive in the market, and trying out new ways of combining off-shoring and out-sourcing to improve R&D efficiency.

Just for laughs

Recently, my whole team got together to write, direct and perform a comedy show at the company’s New Year party. We received many laughs and even some tears.

We’re proud of ourselves. No one thought we could pull it off as amateurs. The team had lots of fun in preparing for the show, and it truly was a great team experience—and a memory we'll all be able to share in the years to come.

Having it all—quality, speed, innovation

Prior to joining EMC, I worked for two other companies. The first one was a startup. The working style was basically doing everything needed to get the job done as soon as possible. The focus was on innovation and speed, not much on quality or process.

The second one was a huge, multinational company, where people always defined a clear process for everything they planned to do.The focus was on quality and process but not speed or innovation.

At EMC China RDC, the style is like a combination of these two, which is great. If you do it right, you can get the benefits of both—quality with speed and innovation.

A big company that feels like a start-up

EMC provides so many training courses to employees, especially on soft skills and management. In the last year I have taken several courses: professional presentation, effective interviewing, and transfer to management, all of which were interesting and also very useful in my daily work.

I would definitely recommend EMC to a friend for three reasons. First, EMC China RDC is developing very fast since its opening in mid of 2006. Fast growth means a lot of opportunities.

Second, I think the biggest advantage for EMC China RDC to attract talent is the opportunity to work on “core” technologies. We have several teams doing state-of-the-art development in next-generation network file systems and consumer storage solutions. Engineers want to do challenging jobs. For real talent, it’s the biggest attraction, besides the salary.

Third, I like the atmosphere of EMC CRDC—it’s young, fun, hard working, and focused on excellence. I am working for a big company, but it has the dynamism of a startup. This sense of challenge, together with highly professional colleagues I work with, are the things that keep me at EMC and inspire me every day.


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