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VJ, Lean Six Sigma/ Total Customer Experience Change Agent


Find out what it’s like to be an EMC global external manufacturing lead.

Hi, I’m VJ. I’m a Lean Six Sigma/ Total Customer Experience Change agent responsible for implementing business process improvement projects within the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region and Center of Excellence business functions. We ensure project focus on the key business gaps and strategies critical to the business success of each operation.

We use LSS to develop our EMC team and train them for future leadership positions. We also engage the country managers and operation leadership in the process and integrate LSS into daily business operations. We are still in the learning curve as the EMC team embraces LSS.

Creating the "wow factor"

Recently, I helped transform the APJ Partner Support Center team to improve business processes to create higher levels of customer satisfaction, quality and productivity, and was awarded the Partner Support Center MVP Award for Q1 08.

I’m a change agent. I cultivate a mindset that fosters behaviors such as customer focus, challenging the status quo, being visible and available, championing excellence, acting with integrity, and working in teams. My advice to EMC teams is to go beyond adequate service—adequate is a “dirty” word because it’s not enough. We need to deliver the “wow factor” to our customers and be ready to go the extra mile. Customer delight is a key measure that needs to be factored in all of our decisions.

I'm surrounded by outstanding colleagues who help create that “wow factor.” They don’t say to themselves, “What’s in it for me?” These colleagues have the natural DNA to “go beyond” in servicing our customers. Behaviors such as these help in developing ourselves as well as redefining who we are.

Moving beyond "management"

Another dirty word is “manage.” I do not manage people.I influence them.I roll up my sleeves and walk the talk.

The whole LSS experience has been a great journey for me as I get to learn about other business operations, and work with people across different geographies and divisions.I’ve had an incredible manager/mentor who selflessly helped me grow over the years. It's the warmest place I’ve ever worked. My boss and colleagues are like my family.

Giving back

I recently had the opportunity to work in a variety of shelters that challenged me in different ways. I flew to Vietnam for a week to volunteer at a couple of orphanages and helped serve mentally and physically challenged kids as well as street kids. The people in Vietnam are very hardworking and gentle. The international volunteers I met at the guesthouse where I stayed in Ho Chi Minh couldn’t have been nicer.I came away more knowledgeable about charities and now have special memories.

I also like to bake, cook exotic dishes, and host dinner parties for my friends.I love people and have friends from all cultures.It's so gratifying to see people of varied backgrounds gathered together to celebrate each other’s uniqueness and enjoy each other's company.

Doing the legwork

I take charge and drive my career, but I put in the daily effort too. I have been very fortunate to have great mentors. I also don’t believe in luck. I do the legwork.

I continue being effective because EMC provides me with opportunities to be unique. The opportunities are present for anyone at EMC who has the right attitude.The right attitude determines altitude—at EMC, the sky's the limit for professional development, and the opportunities are endless. No one fails who does their best at EMC.


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