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Roynan, Global External Manufacturing Lead


Find out what it’s like to be an EMC global external manufacturing lead.

Hi, I’m Roynan. I lead the Global External Manufacturing organization within the Global Manufacturing Organization (GMO) from Apex, North Carolina.

Typical soccer mom

I am the mother of two, and we are a big soccer family, so I am pretty much your typical soccer mom traveling to games and tournaments. I love traveling with my family. I love gardening whenever I have the chance. And I enjoy reading when I can.

I have worked in different areas in manufacturing, first in New Hampshire and then North Carolina. My husband was born and raised in Massachusetts, so when the opportunity arose to move down south, we jumped at it. I was actually born in Taiwan and came to the U.S. when I was five years old. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to attend various women's leadership conferences, representing EMC as a woman in high tech.

Career fulfillment

My team is responsible for the products fulfilled outside of our three core plants. We manage the supply chain to directly fulfill products to our customers with the same high standards we have in our core factories.

My group was actually started two years ago when we started focusing more on the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market, which needs to operate more on the model of a retail business. For example, customers are typically not brand-loyal to these lower end products, and expect to receive product within a few days, not weeks.

Our team helps customers get products quickly, instead of having to wait for them to be manufactured in the Asia, Pacific & Japan (APJ) region, sent to Cork, Ireland, and then sent all the way back to APJ customers. In doing so, we have been able to deliver more quickly while leveraging lower costs in the region.

We are a virtual plant. We do not pay for anything until the products are sold. Our suppliers sell us just the amount we need based on demand. This saves a significant amount of money since we only have to buy the material that we actually use.

Growing global, staying local

I always try to convey to my team the wide range of opportunities we have at EMC. The company has grown rapidly with all the recent acquisitions. I share my excitement about EMC’s future, which has never looked brighter. We have diversified without becoming too thin. We have stayed strong. We know what we need to grow stronger and are able to adapt quickly to changing market forces and customer demands.

I’ve been given the opportunity to try out different things at EMC. And I’m able to manage my team remotely. This frees me from having to move my family while my two children are still in high school, which was a big relief.

The company has encouraged me to pursue any opportunities that arise. My current job is a fascinating challenge—to implement a globalization strategy for direct fulfillment in which we buy materials from suppliers only when a customer makes the order. In the process, we’ve opened two new manufacturing operations in Brazil and China, executing on our globalization strategy.

23 years and counting

I’d recommend EMC to any friend who wants work in a growing organization with lots of exciting opportunities to grow and change, but also work for a company that is financially sound. Even in tighter times, if you can defend your business idea, you will get the necessary financial backing and support at EMC.

What keeps me here after 23 years? The people, diversity, and culture. Because I am stimulated by different activities and projects, there is never a dull moment. The days fly by! I also stay because I feel good about EMC leadership, strategy and roadmap, and I can see the overall momentum. It’s not bad to be Number One on the storage side!


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