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Marina, HR Manager


Find out what it’s like to be a HR Manager at EMC.

Hi, I’m Marina. I’m a HR Manager for the EMC Russia Center of Excellence (COE).

I enjoy aerobics, yoga, and spending time with my husband and friends. I also like to travel, and a lot of my time is spent visiting other parts of Russia and learning about this country and its people. I also enjoy sports and community involvement.

Community involvement is not as developed here in Russia as it is in the U.S. I volunteer with some of my colleagues at an orphanage that houses children from the ages of one to 15 years of age. They have problems with simple human communication. Last year during the Christmas season, I wanted to help the community with my HR colleagues. One colleague knew about the orphanage, so I signed up to help out.

Growing with EMC

EMC is an industry leader, both in technology and its approach to HR. Before joining, I looked up the company's financial performance and was happy to see that EMC demonstrated solid growth.

When I joined the company, there were only 50 people in St. Petersburg. In one year, it grew to 170 people. We were charged with building a team practically from scratch.

The company has two core assets: information and people. I am responsible for attracting talented people to EMC. Results of my work have direct influences on the company's success.

Optimism and results

I belong to an optimistic team with a great attitude that focuses on positive solutions. I try to support colleagues, looking at every problem as a chance to grow and become more professional. It is a great atmosphere. We work hard, but we have good times together. We have many staff team-building activities and events, including celebrating the Company Day and New Year’s.

EMC is a result-driven company. I do things not to complete a process, but to deliver results. To help make this happen, EMC creates an atmosphere where it is easy to reach out to senior folks. People are not afraid to share their opinions.

At EMC, I’ve had a range of different job assignments, so I keep learning new skills. Besides recruiting, I have worked in a variety of HR functions, so I have gotten to work with a great cross-section of people. It’s easy to express ideas. I get a lot of support from my manager and colleagues. Training and education are great. During my first year of working at EMC, I participated in many interesting training programs and have an Individual Development Plan (IDP) - a roadmap for my career.

Building networks

Lately, I’ve been working on a project enabling social networking across Centers of Excellence and RSA teams to connect engineering communities across the globe. I teach people how to connect on EMC One, our internal social networking platform.

For me, I know EMC is a great place to work. It is important to me to develop as a leader in the HR field, and EMC is helping me achieve this. I have good professional colleagues, a strong management team, and a great, challenging job with good working conditions. I will continue to recommend this company to anyone who really wants to develop career-wise while working for a technology leader.


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