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Senior Business Consultant, Business Consulting Practice

As a senior business consultant focused on the retail and the media and entertainment (M&E) industries, Derek considers himself both a digital media strategist and an evangelist. “I help clients understand their business needs and requirements and identify how and where EMC can help and add value,” he says.

The EMC business consulting practice looks to Derek for guidance and newly emerging innovation and direction as to where the retail and M&E sectors could be heading as well as to keep them up to date on new technologies, advancements, and industry direction.

Many of Derek’s clients come to EMC looking for near-term fixes. However, “because I like to think ahead of the game and am ahead of the knowledge curve, I can explain to them that, although what they want to do is fine, the market is going to shift in a certain direction and there are other things they need to do as well,” Derek explains.

“A lot of the work I do is challenging because I’m talking to clients from a perspective that sometimes is 18 to 24 months out. I’m trying to show them where and when they need to begin changing their processes, which is typically around the time they have completed their near-term goals. Budget compounds the challenge: everyone wants a robust, multimillion-dollar platform, but only wants to spend a few hundred thousand on it!”

Why Derek likes working at EMC

Derek enjoys the fact that his job allows him to both think ahead as well as deliver now. He also takes great satisfaction in creating innovative e-commerce solutions and watching them deliver continuous results to the customer over the long term.

Trained as an electronic and electrical engineer and with a passion for music, media, and entertainment, Derek made the transition to business consultant after a 16-year career with a large entertainment retail chain. Although he was creating custom solutions for over 150 stores, combining his love of technology with his knowledge of retail, Derek wanted to broaden his exposure to a wider audience. Since coming to EMC, he frequently presents solutions to IT directors and vice presidents to build their passion and enthusiasm for engaging our consulting services.

“A large multimillion dollar contract can arise from the few informal innovation sessions that we run,” says Derek. “The client or prospect gets a feel for EMC at a personal level; we’re able to share our delivery experience with them and excite them about the future in a way that can’t be done in a request for proposal (RFP) document. Whether it’s with a startup trying to piece together a small delivery platform or a large client looking for a solution, I love being in the middle—I’ve the vision to see beyond what the client wants to do and work with them on it.”

Do you want to work in EMC Consulting?

EMC has the breadth and depth to cater to what your passion is, according to Derek. “Are you a pure developer? We have phenomenal projects in the works. Are you part of a business team? I can’t think of a better place to be, surrounded by a breadth of people who can give you advice in different areas and make you a more valued and rounded consultant. If you have passion, vigor, and exceptional experience, you can make your career whatever you want it to be at EMC.”


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