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The 2013 IT Trust Curve study surveyed 3,200 respondents to assess their organizations’ IT maturity levels and ability to withstand and quickly recover from disruptive incidents such as unplanned downtime, security breaches, and data loss.

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Show me the highlights! – Executive Summary

Show me the highlights! – Executive Summary »

Discover the key takeaways from the study.

Show me the data! – Global Infographic

Show me the data! – Global Infographic »

View the most impactful data points from the study.



EMC Reflections: Irina Simmons
EMC’s Chief Risk Officer on the IT issues keeping executives up at night and the risks of ignoring these issues.
Comprehensive Results Presentation
Discover the impact and upside of having high IT Trust maturity, as captured in this overview of the survey results.
For the Press: Global Comparison Matrix
Get a detailed look at the survey responses by question and country.

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