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Worldwide Executive Briefing Program
Worldwide Executive Briefing Program

Evaluate, collaborate, and innovate with EMC at an Executive Briefing

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Redesign your business through collaborative and innovative briefings with EMC

The Executive Briefing Program creates tailored briefing engagements focused on your business needs, challenges, and roadmaps.

EMEA Centre

Co-located with the Ireland Centre of Excellence, the EMEA Briefing Centre encompasses our executive, business, and technology resources

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EMEA Centre

EMEA Field

Single or multi-customer briefings executed locally, with customized agendas focused on your business initiatives

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Worldwide Executive Briefing Program

EMC Tours

Explore the different tour options and interactive experiences available at EMC and EMC partner facilities

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EMC Tours

Customer Feedback

If you have already attended an Executive Briefing, please provide some quick feedback about your experience to help us continuously improve our programs. Click Here

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