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Manage data growth, simply.

Achieve big data scale with an automated, scale-out storage platform that enables you to add capacity at zero operational cost, while scaling performance and throughput linearly.

Accelerate your business transformation with Big Data

Watch the At the Intersection series to see companies deliver innovative products and services using Big Data.

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Weigh in on Big Data

Big Data requires a new way to scale. Take this short assessment, the EMC Big Data Scale, and you'll know if your organization can efficiently manage, access, and store endless amounts of data.

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Big Data, big demands

Companies need new approaches to managing data growth. This requires an efficient and scalable storage system paired with powerful analytics tools that derive valuable insight from data.

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Big Data transforms renewable energy

3TIER harvests weather science insights from terabytes of data to help customers manage renewable energy risk.

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EMC Solutions for Big Data

Big Data

EMC Big Data – Products and Solutions »

Transform big data into actionable strategies with EMC scale out storage, big data analytics, and data-enabled applications.

Learn about scale-out NAS solutions

EMC Isilon – Network attached storage for Big Data »

Leverage a complete scale-out network attached storage (NAS) platform—hardware, software, and accelerator nodes—for the Big Data era.

Learn more about EMC VNX Series Unified Storage

EMC VNX – Performance. Flexible. Efficient. »

Gain performance, flexibility, and efficiency for your file, OLTP, and data warehouse applications.


EMC VMAX – Powerful. Scalable. Available. »

Improve performance, scalability and availability of your enterprise data warehouse.

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